my must haves: benefit benetint

26 January 2013

Benetint is a beautiful thing that was introduced to me by the wonderful annual partnership of Glamour and Benefit. Originally hooked on Posietint but with one of every sample to try I decided to go for something a little more daring - scary red liquid - alas it wasn't as red as I expected it to be and so I fell in love.

I use Benetint only on my cheeks and it glides on so effortlessly from the brush, leaving me with a pretty fresh faced natural blush. I set it with my other must have, nars deep throat. This is my go-to cheek combination for it's colour and staying power.

♥ abby

luxurious treats from hotel chocolat

23 January 2013

Warning: Lots of photos of really yummy chocolates ahead! :)

Hotel Chocolat are the creators of truly beautiful chocolate treats and I have been given the opportunity to help Millenium Hotels choose which luxury treats suits their hotels the most. Yummy! Having stayed at the Copthorne in Plymouth, I know first hand the impeccable service that they provide as well as the impressive interiors so I think that I can help choose a suitable treat to represent them :)

I think of all of the Millenium Hotels i'd love to stay in the windsor hotels the most, an executive suite would be nice with a trip down the road to Thorpe Park the next day, yes purlease :)

my usual rings and jewellery

22 January 2013

These are my favourite bits and pieces of jewellery, they all have a special place in my jewellery storage for one reason or another, be it sentimental, new or just too darn pretty. You may notice that there aren't any earrings at all in this post and that's because I don't wear them often enough and if I do then I reach for my simple pearl, spike or round black studs.

1. chunky rose gold necklace 2. red silk cord and chain bracelet 3. blue silk cord and chain bracelet 4. double skull cuff 5. chunky rose gold bracelet 6. miss selfridge dainty skull bracelet 7. kooki boutique purple suede and chain wrap bracelet 8. swarovski necklace 9. accessorize chain and cord bracelet 10. amethyst pendant necklace was a gift 11. michael kors rose gold watch 12. timothy roe spinning ring 13. simple pearl bracelet 14. friendship bracelet from portuguese market 15. stradivarius gold and coral spike necklace 16. asos cream spike bracelet 17.  topshop rose gold spike bracelet 18. kooki boutique navy bracelet

The rings in the glass ring holder were my Nan's favourites and the charm bracelet is something that she left to me.

I've shown you mine, now tell me yours :)

♥ abby

craving: practical winter style

17 January 2013

practical winter style

Casual wear for day to day can seem somewhat drab, as chilly weather means having to combine practicality with style but this doesn’t mean that fashion should be compromised. There are a range of brands offering cool casual looks that will ensure you stay wrapped up against the cold. Superdry is a rapidly growing brand, with over 70 stores across the UK and more than 100 overseas. The brand begun as a market stall in Cheltenham, so its founders should know a thing or two about creating fashionable items which are also practical. As well as T-shirts and hoodies, Superdry sells cosy jackets with features like polar fleece linings and thumbholes in the sleeves so you can keep your hands warm.

Combining practicality and fashion can seem a difficult task, but keeping to some simple style rules means you can stay looking hot and feeling warm this season. For the winter a mac or trench coat is ideal, as it is not too bulky, while the longer length will ensure you stay snug. Alternatively, channel the utility trend in a sports-style coat, great for city streets and countryside walks.

Rainy pavements and frozen roads can be a nightmare if walking in heels so avoid accidents and opt for practicality instead by replacing them with ankle boots. The huge selection of flat boots available means that even this essential seasonal purchase can combine practicality with flair. Classic riding boot styles are a good investment, too.

By wearing utility trends and sturdier footwear, you can look great and still be protected against our less than kind british weather.

♥ abby

my must haves: witch primer

15 January 2013

The Witch beauty range is something that I use frequently, the tinted moisturiser and powder are great for the summer months and the skin clearing primer every day, even if it's just by itself. That's why this is my must have, my absolute must have, in fact. I've used this primer every day for a really long time and it has helped significantly with the condition of my skin. I no longer get those nasty clusters of under-skin spots and I owe that to Witch.

I use a large pea sized amount each day, maybe a few peas? and it's probably more than is needed but I know that this works well for me. My purchase after repurchase of this primer shows my love for it and at only £6.99 for around 2 months of product I am more than happy to buy it again. Speaking of which, i'm due a top up so i'll be popping off to Superdrug pretty soon :)

♥ abby

craving: pretty & functional

11 January 2013

I'm a sucker for cute and functional bits and bobs in the kitchen. Those silly little inventions that do a couple of things and look even more odd are the best. Ikea is a good place for this sort of thing but they don't often introduce something new, achica homeware however.. They have some great gadgets coming in and out all of the time along with lots of well made pretty pieces and limited stock decorations for all areas of your home.

Achica is a luxury home store with beautiful pieces for half the price - really! They have some pretty lust worthy skull bracelets too. So much good-ness in one place and changing every day :)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

I'll be sure to show you what I end up buying.

♥ abby
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my must haves: sleek brow kit

9 January 2013

I used to fill in my brows with the hazel Rimmel brow pencil, it was too light and quite a bit off colour - not the best choice of products out there really but it's not my worst beauty faux pas.. honest. After a few ridiculous photos were tagged on facebook I came to my senses, followed the mass of Sleek blog posts and haven't gone back since.

I have huge love for this sleek brow kit. The wax is a good waterproof texture that suits my brows nicely in the winter and the powder is slightly lighter meaning that it suits my sun lightened brows perfectly through the summer months. I've been using the same palette for a long time, longer than i'd like to admit, but the point is that I use it every single day and it's lasting forever and a day. Not bad for £8.50 :)

♥ abby

win £100 to spend at arteecollage

5 January 2013

As a belated christmas present or maybe one for the new year i'd like to share with you the opportunity to win £100 with ArteeClothing. Because who wouldn't want that extra gift after christmas .. ? :)

All that you have to do is Like their Facebook Page and share the image - CLICK HERE to enter!

With a huge selection of printed graphic tees, as well as basic dresses, tunics, tops and vests for your everyday wardrobe, the lucky winner will have tonnes to choose from. My first pick would be this batwing tunic!

The competition closes on Friday the 11th of January. Good luck ladies :)

♥ abby


craving: dry feet and new wellies

4 January 2013

If you follow me on twitter then you may have heard my moans about wet feet, muddy walks, a very muddy puppy and generally wet-cold-ness as far as my toes are concerned - and so I have come to the conclusion that I need some wellies. Yes Hunters would be lovely but seeing as I am currently not working it isn't looking hopeful. Buying a pair as a christmas gift was the closest i'll get to a violet gloss pair it seems *sulks*. There is a light though.. I have found these and would wear all of them but it's just picking the right pair.. 'Posh Wellies' is a range of good looking boots that are actually wellies and I think that a pair of those could definitely work for me.

What do you think, can you help a mucky me pick some?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

♥ abby

my must haves: maxfactor false lash effect mascara

3 January 2013

My old faithful, Maxfactor False Lashes. We've been together for years and have a great relationship. I buy the black waterproof (which is really very waterproof!) To me it's the perfect consistency and so avoids any clumps, even on the third coat. And the brush is great - a plastic small spike chunky brush that spreads my lashes correctly and applies the appropriate amount of product.

If you're looking for a new mascara I think that you've just found it!

♥ abby

the fire is so delightful

1 January 2013

tis the season where we dec the halls and bring a tree indoors, get a fire going, light all of the candles and put tinsel on everything.

We spent christmas week visiting our families who all do things a little differently. From one fibre optic tree, to a real one, a disney covered faux and a 10 ft-r! All fantastic in their own way and each visit was different from the other - everyone has their own lovely traditions :)

This little selection of photos are of my house this christmas and yes the doggy stocking is for Milo.. Santa loves pets too you know :) My house is decorated with pieces inherited and given to both Shaun and I, my Southern Comfort mirror having a special place in my heart. We most recently added the crystal above the fire place (also inherited) and the wicker star, 'home' cushion and my much loved doormat are all courtesy of dotcomgiftshop. My 'home' cushion is now in the fab dotcomgiftshop sale along with lots of other lovely things.

It's sad that all of these pretty things have to come down in the next couple of days.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

♥ abby