home style | decorating the space between spaces

19 November 2017

When thinking about redecorating your home a lot of people won't consider the in-betweens, the places you use frequently but pay no mind to and the details that are important in those spaces. Of course i'm talking about hallways. Decorating a hallway is much like connecting the dots. You want the hall to work with, and in some way reflect, each room that it leads to otherwise it can look out of place in your home.

Having recently finished decorating each of the upstairs rooms the hallway required a makeover to complete this part of the house. Pulling elements from each of the fours rooms the hallway space now sits comfortably between them.

a lush wishlist

9 November 2017

Lush cosmetics is one of those stores that everyone has heard of and tried at least something from, be it a bath bomb, moisturising cream or lip balm. With that in mind and the winter collections launching I have picked out some of the products everyone loves and some to have a go at.

home style wishlist | pink & gold

8 November 2017

When thinking about furnishing your home for the first time it's not always about choosing the bits and pieces that you want to decorate with but rather getting a hold of the necessities (whether they match or not). So it feels great when you get the opportunity to actually choose a theme for a room or even the whole house.

One thing that's clear at the moment is that metallics are on trend and easy to get a hold of. Be it gold, silver or rose gold, decorating your home with these luxe style objects gives a room a chic finish to what could otherwise be very simply styled decor.

With blush pink being another trend of the moment and gold popping up in every store this list of pink and gold stylish home decor pieces is sure to inspire.

pink and gold home furnishings
Concrete and gold cluster light pendant | Black and gold wall clock | Pink herringbone throw blanket | Black and gold scented candle | Pink and gold scented candle | Geommetric gold wire round lamp | Soft pink arm chair | Mirrored hexagon side table | Pink geommetric toothebrush holder | Pink geommetric soap dispenser | Faux fur (mongolian) cushion | Soft pink ottoman bench | Pink and gold geommetric cushion