autumn / winter wants: tops

30 August 2010

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following on from the previous autumn post these are the tops and playsuits on my autumn wishlist. any favourites or recommendations?

♥ abby

autumn / winter wants: dresses

27 August 2010

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you may see it as a little strange that i have a large collection of dresses that i want for the autumn winter season but this is because i love to layer them with toasty jackets and tights, leggings or chunky socks. i have already bought the crochet neck natural colour boohoo dress on the bottom row and the lace neck dress on the top row and am loving them!

what dresses have you got your eye on this season? if any..

autumn / winter wants is a collection of posts i'll be doing that will show you the styles and pieces i want for autumn / winter. these will include dresses, jackets, shoes and more so keep an eye out for future posts :)

♥ abby

have you heard of silly bandz?

25 August 2010

This appears to be one of the up and coming hottest trends.. these silicone brightly coloured shaped bands / bracelets. They were originally a kids craze but the fashion concious stars like sjp, agyness dene and mary kate olsen have jumped on the bandwagon too! Sarah Jessica Parker just has the one green silly bandz on in this picture.

Apparently the creator of these silly bandz has already made 66million dollars! That's a lot at $4.95 a pack and you get around 24 of them for that! There are a couple of available packs on the site that stood out to me.. but i'll be honest, i'm still quite undecided about this craze.

Would you wear silly bandz? What do you think of the trend and what do you think of the whole childs-to-adult trend transition?

Please comment below.. i'd love to know what you guys think!

♥ abby

reel triumphs

18 August 2010

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite films and those that really touch me, make my cry and laugh so hard tears roll down my cheeks every time I watch them. Just for a change.. :)

first being indiana jones
Who doesn't love a bit of indie?!

top gun
A young Tom Cruise, a bike, leather jacket, and aviators.. What more could you want from a film. It's perfect to me :P

sweet home alabama
A Reese Witherspoon classic and easily one of my most favourite films

coyote ugly
Another one of my absolute favourites and the reason I love Piper Perabo and Andy Garcia so much

All I have to say is, good boy daisy! :) Watch it and you'll totally understand. And you'll see Brad Pitt in a very different role! It's.. interesting :P

sherlock holmes
I love this version of Sherlock Holmes so so much! This film formally introduced me to Robert Downey Jr and his incredible talent I now love him lots :) I actually really liked Jude Law in this too which surprised me.. he plays Dr Watson really well and if you aren't a huge jude fan then this is the film to watch to sway you a little

dead man running
After this film I love a bit oh Danny Dyer in thee arternoon! It's typical cockney thug stuff really and I love Danny Dyer in it

cool runnings
Never ever gets old

the family stone
I cry almost every time I watch this. Sarah Jessica Parker is brilliant in it, very different from her usual role!

eight below
Love dogs? Love Paul Walker? Why yes.. Yes I do. Don't let the fact it's a disney film fool you. This is dedicated to snow explorers and their loyal dogs and is an incredible yet quite sad story.
the time travellers wife
I don't care how much you know you'll cry you have to watch this film! If you like soppy, love stories this is the ultimate. I can't say anything more except watch it! Oh.. and I loveee Rachel Mcadams in this, the family stone and sherlock holmes.. she's just brilliant

I'd love to go and watch this at the cinema again. It was amazing. Great concept, great acting and generally just great! Well worth a watch if you haven't already caught a showing!

There are a lot more but these are some of them that spring to mind :) What films can you watch over and over? Any of these?

♥ abby

birthday presents for myself from myself

14 August 2010

I think that the title explains it all really :P I'm fueling my jewellery habit by trying out different vintage inspired jewellery shops. As i've mentioned before there is a lot about and with some spare money in the bank I figured why not :)

sephine london - owl stud earrings £4.99

love hearts and crosses - tricycle necklace £14

dolly bow bow - polly pocket necklace £5.50

And last but by no means least! The money I managed to get from selling a whole tonne of things allowed me to buy an alexander mcqueen black and white scarf! :D I lovvvvee it! ♥

Hope everyone is well! You may of noticed my pictures go down earlier on in the week and that's actually thanks to you guys! As my followers are increasing so are the blog visits and so my bandwidth has gone insane and way over the limit. But I forked out for the pro package and now we shouldn't have any problems like that again!

It means a lot to me that it has actually got to that point. So thank you so much to all of you that visit, read and comment :) You've made me very happy!

♥ abby

i'm a GiftGirls Ambassador! :D

13 August 2010

I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to be an ambassador especially for a wonderful company like GiftGirls! I just love their jewellery and even made an order for myself last week! :)

It's all well and good me being an ambassador but it benefits you too.. Just use my code (GG1257) at the checkout and you'll receive 5% off your order as well as a free gift! Shimples :)

My code will always be in the sidebar of my blog for you to refer back and use.

As well as that I want you to share with me the items you've bought from giftgirls using my code! Outfit posts would be great but any sort of photo with yourself and the product you bought using my ambassador code is fine. I'll add your photo to a separate page including your name and link to your blog or twitter etc. The link to this page is located above my ambassador code button in the side bar and right here too!

There are soo many GiftGirls products I love and wanted to share with you. But it's just too many! Click here to go through to the site and if you like what you see.. don't forget to use the code GG1257 at the checkout!

thanks for reading! :)

♥ abby

shampoo experiment: the results

11 August 2010

I've been meaning to post these results for a while now. Some of you may remember when I started my shampoo experiment back in january but I realise it was now over 8 months ago so you can read the post here.

I wanted to discover which shampoo of Lush' Big, Aussie's Long and Lush' Ultimate Shine Shampoos would give me the most washes, as well as after long term use which one would be best for my hair.

I decided against using each shampoo alternately as I couldn't get a grip on the way my hair reacted to the individual shampoos. So first I used Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo bar, then Aussie Luscious Long shampoo and then finally Lush Big shampoo. Below are the results!

how many?
Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar: 84 washes

Aussie Long Shampoo: 41

Lush Big Shampoo: 32

what did it do?
Not only was Ultimate Shine the longest lasting and so most cost effective shampoo I also thought that it was the best for my hair. It removed all hair products with ease and always left my hair squeaky clean. I was quite reluctant to start using anything else but in the name of experimentation I did it anyway.

In doing this experiment I have found that although Aussie gave a good number of washes for a bottle of it's size, It wasn't doing as much with my hair as both of the Lush shampoos. Although it did always leave my hair smelling gorgeous and it lathered a lot! Which I loveeee in a shampoo! :)

Then I discovered the amazing effect Big had on my hair. It's so squeaky clean every day and it has significantly more volume to it compared to when I used the other shampoos. My only complaint is that the amount of salt in this shampoo can be quite drying for my hair and i'm having to use a better conditioner.

Overall even though my aim was to find the most cost effective shampoo, I have fallen in love with not only the most expensive but the least number of washes too.. Isn't that just the way? Maybe i'll just have to carry on alternating between these 3 as they each run out :)

Look out for my conditioner experiment post!

I'll be using different conditioners as an experiment to discover which works best with my new found favourite shampoo and the best for quantity of washes as well, making sure I use every last drop before posting my results. Selected conditioners to come!

♥ abby

notd: barry m strawberry ice cream nail paint

10 August 2010

Just a quick nail polish post for you as i've been loving this shade recently. It's very unlike me to like pink. Especially one that is so candy barbie baby pink, i've shocked myself. But i really do like it :)

It only took 2 coats to achieve this shade and Barry M's lasting formula along with their reliable top coat meant that they didn't chip for about a week.

What more can you ask for?

♥ abby

asos sale

8 August 2010

I often have my eye on the asos clearance section. Some really good things get put in there at insane prices and have to be snapped up! Just like these 4 items.. and with free delivery it's very hard to say no to such bargains!

silver plane necklace: £2
long record & note necklace: £2
gold love ring: £2
wooden heart earrings: £2

Have you ordered anything from asos clearance recently? I plan on making another order when my birthday cheques clear :P

♥ abby

reviews: cleansers from lush, superdrug and clean & clear

6 August 2010

Cleansers are an important step of my makeup removal and skincare regimes as they probably are for a lot of you out there so I wanted to quickly share my experience and reviews on these 3 that I have used recently and continued to use.

lush 9 to 5 cleanser
rating: 3
price: £3.95/ £7.95
packaging: 4
value for money: 3
would i buy it again? maybe. but definitely if superdrug discontinued their vitamin e cleanser
would i recommend it? yes, but i'd recommend superdrugs vitamin e cleanser above this product

Lush say: This is a gentle cleanser made with almond oil, dove orchids and everlasting flower absolute. Excellent for sensitive skin.

9 to 5 is a calm non-irritating cleanser that works quite well at removing the bulk of your makeup. Though I personally would not use a cream cleanser for face makeup. It is soothing and works well when removing lip products and eye makeup with the exception on waterproof mascara. 9 to 5 doesn't appear to cleanse very deeply on already bare skin, though it does leave my face feeling soft, moisturised and smelling of johnson baby lotion which is always a plus in my books!

superdrug vitamin e cleanser & emur
rating: 5
price: £2.49
packaging: 3
value for money: 4
would i buy it again? i always do
would i recommend it? yes

This is the most gentle and effective cleanser I have used. although it is both a cleanser and eye makeup remover I tend to use it for eye makeup mainly. I find it works incredibly well at getting rid of the last bits of makeup like black liner that won't budge and glitter that insists on sticking to everything but the cotton pad. I also use this cleanser to remove makeup from sensitive or dry patches on my face. It restores some of the moisture whilst removing all of the makeup gently so as not to aggravate these areas further with harsher liquid cleansers like the once from clean and clear below. All in all this is my perfect product and I will continue to by it until they stop making it :)

Superdrug say: Gently and effectively removes all types of make-up. Naturally sourced Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which not only revitalises and protects the skin, it also helps combat the damaging effects of free radicals and shields it against the environment. Dermatologically tested.

clean & clear sensitive skin deep cleansing lotion
rating: 4
price: £2.95
packaging: 5
value for money:5 - a lot of good product for a low price
would i buy it again?i will
would i recommend it? yes, if you can by pass the small faults mentioned below

This is the only liquid /not a cream cleanser featured in this post and is one I use regularly. Some say this can be quite harsh on the skin and I agree in that it should not be used to close to your eyes, it is quite strong and will no doubt make them sting. I think the last thing I would of called this product is sensitive it works well at reducing blackheads and any build up of oil, dirt or makeup from your face but I would not say it does this in a sensitive way at all. It stings a little when moving over sensitive areas of your face such as cuts and overly touched spots but then I find it works well in calming those spots before adding my spot treatment, primer then makeup. But again.. it does not do this senstively, Clean and Clear deep cleansing lotion works very well for me but not without little annoyances I have mentioned. Obviously it works so well that i'm willing to by pass them.

I gave the product packaging a 5/5 because although it's not the prettiest you can see how much you have left and always retrieve the entire contents of the bottle with no trouble which is exactly what I expect from good packaging

Thanks for reading and for following!! :)

♥ abby

vintage inspired jewellery from zara taylor

5 August 2010

Vintage inspired pieces are becoming a growing trend and I am finding more and more wonderful shops, websites, ebay and etsy stores that cater for this

Zara Taylor jewellery designs has to be one of my new favourites, her pieces are original and it is clear to me that Zara really loves finding and creating these unique pieces

I've picked out a few of my favourites from her website but it is ever growing and my favourites are always changing! I recommend visiting and following her blog for updates on celebrities like Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton wearing her jewellery as well as shout outs when Zara launches a new design onto the website

There's far too much choice and the site is always updating so no doubt this post will be out of date very soon. So check out the site and let me know what your favourite pieces are or if you've bought anything from Zara taylor

♥ abby