shampoo experiment: the results

I've been meaning to post these results for a while now. Some of you may remember when I started my shampoo experiment back in january but I realise it was now over 8 months ago so you can read the post here.

I wanted to discover which shampoo of Lush' Big, Aussie's Long and Lush' Ultimate Shine Shampoos would give me the most washes, as well as after long term use which one would be best for my hair.

I decided against using each shampoo alternately as I couldn't get a grip on the way my hair reacted to the individual shampoos. So first I used Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo bar, then Aussie Luscious Long shampoo and then finally Lush Big shampoo. Below are the results!

how many?
Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar: 84 washes

Aussie Long Shampoo: 41

Lush Big Shampoo: 32

what did it do?
Not only was Ultimate Shine the longest lasting and so most cost effective shampoo I also thought that it was the best for my hair. It removed all hair products with ease and always left my hair squeaky clean. I was quite reluctant to start using anything else but in the name of experimentation I did it anyway.

In doing this experiment I have found that although Aussie gave a good number of washes for a bottle of it's size, It wasn't doing as much with my hair as both of the Lush shampoos. Although it did always leave my hair smelling gorgeous and it lathered a lot! Which I loveeee in a shampoo! :)

Then I discovered the amazing effect Big had on my hair. It's so squeaky clean every day and it has significantly more volume to it compared to when I used the other shampoos. My only complaint is that the amount of salt in this shampoo can be quite drying for my hair and i'm having to use a better conditioner.

Overall even though my aim was to find the most cost effective shampoo, I have fallen in love with not only the most expensive but the least number of washes too.. Isn't that just the way? Maybe i'll just have to carry on alternating between these 3 as they each run out :)

Look out for my conditioner experiment post!

I'll be using different conditioners as an experiment to discover which works best with my new found favourite shampoo and the best for quantity of washes as well, making sure I use every last drop before posting my results. Selected conditioners to come!

♥ abby


  1. Love these posts, all great shampoos :)


  2. I love BIG, but I was reccomended to only use it every 2nd wash, (alternated with Aussie, the moisturising one) and thats perfect for me! Anymore than that and its supposed to dry out your hair?

  3. Niiice post, I've been religiously using Big since February, with one repurchase a few weeks ago, but may just have to try the solid shampoo bar now I've seen this. xxx

  4. Can't wait to see the follow up post. I love Big but really need to find a conditioner to go with it!


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