i'm craving.. motel

17 March 2011

I want so much Motel right now it's frigging ridiculous!! I think it may be safe to say i'm obsessed. With an asos voucher and the motel discount code below I have ordered the wallflower skirt and triangle skirt this week :) so excited for them to arrive! Along with some shorts, a dress, shirt and playsuit I have my eye on constantly.. I can see my wardrobe filling fast with their summer line!

I think that their designs and the way they do things is very original. I love the idea of the same style dress in different designs as I often see a design design I love in a vile pattern or colour that just would not suit my skin tone in the slightest. At first it was just the motel dresses that I craved and I actually bought one of their chloe dresses a year or so ago, now i'm coming back for more and I want the full wardrobe! The skirts and shorts especially have caught my eye as I think it's great to add colour or detail to a simple top making an interesting outfit. I found it hard to narrow down my choices to show you in this post so as you can see, like with my asos post I did go a bit mad again.. the first dress is my absolute favourite though :) what's yours?

You may notice that my blog is currently undergoing some design changes. I want it to represent me even more so last night I started working on using recent shots of me and such things. And so please ignore anything that may look off at the moment, normality shall resume shortly :)

Fancy yourself some cheeky Motel discount? Use Kim's code here (sidebar) for 20% off and don't forget to say thank you eh :)

♥ abby

bloomin' brilliant brownies

11 March 2011

This is a seriously belated post as since making these brownies almost 2 weeks ago I have made another batch and gone on a baking hiatus. Sorry for the delay. You may of seen me tweeting /bragging about how i'm an awesome brownie baker and i'm giving up my quest for the perfect cakes. Well this is that batch that convinced me of that, using the Jamie Oliver recipe that he so kindly lent to me ;) Along with some pictures of the process I have made the recipe into a printable format for you to easily save, print and use however you please! Simply click on the recipe card image to get the printable copy. It's a great recipe that can be changed so easily to suit your tingling tastebuds, for instance aero chocolate and white chocolate buttons a la Charlene of dainty dresses.

i'm craving.. bamboo jewellery

10 March 2011

I'd never even heard of this type of jewellery before stolen thunder contacted me and now it's pretty much become my favorite type. If you've been following my blog for a little while you may be aware of my huge love for jewellery. Now just take a look at these gorgeous pieces and I don't doubt you'll understand my love for this boutique! Stolen Thunder have hit the nail on the head with this niche and I can see it being a real hit through the spring /summer months. My favourites in particular are the pardon my french ring, anchor necklace and babushka earrings.


From now until April 3rd you can get 15% off Stolen Thunder orders using discount code: ABBY at the checkout. Bargainous I think you will agree. Let me know what you think about this type of jewellery .. Is it your bag?

♥ abby