i'm craving.. motel

I want so much Motel right now it's frigging ridiculous!! I think it may be safe to say i'm obsessed. With an asos voucher and the motel discount code below I have ordered the wallflower skirt and triangle skirt this week :) so excited for them to arrive! Along with some shorts, a dress, shirt and playsuit I have my eye on constantly.. I can see my wardrobe filling fast with their summer line!

I think that their designs and the way they do things is very original. I love the idea of the same style dress in different designs as I often see a design design I love in a vile pattern or colour that just would not suit my skin tone in the slightest. At first it was just the motel dresses that I craved and I actually bought one of their chloe dresses a year or so ago, now i'm coming back for more and I want the full wardrobe! The skirts and shorts especially have caught my eye as I think it's great to add colour or detail to a simple top making an interesting outfit. I found it hard to narrow down my choices to show you in this post so as you can see, like with my asos post I did go a bit mad again.. the first dress is my absolute favourite though :) what's yours?

You may notice that my blog is currently undergoing some design changes. I want it to represent me even more so last night I started working on using recent shots of me and such things. And so please ignore anything that may look off at the moment, normality shall resume shortly :)

Fancy yourself some cheeky Motel discount? Use Kim's code here (sidebar) for 20% off and don't forget to say thank you eh :)

♥ abby


  1. ve never really liked motel stuff just cos i dont like the fit of the dresses but the wall flower shorts are so nice! and the night sky shirts are really nice :) <3

  2. i love the names of them! especially the chloe ones, of course ;) xxx

  3. Ah i'm loving the little changes on the blog- it's a great idea to switch up the photos to more recent ones :)

    I've never really looked at Motel before, but that dress with the sheer sleeves/back is calling my name! They're all pretty lovely really. x

  4. i've always loved motel but never actually bought anything. this post has really tempted me, so much great stuff!

  5. i would not have a problem to choose my favourites!

  6. OMG OMG OMG I am in LOVE with that jenna sweater. I may have to make a cheeky purchase (rare as i'm not really one with fashion) but with a discount code too, who can resist!? Must pop on over to Kim's blog to say thanks if I do :) Definitely shouldn't have read this post though, it's all so pretty! xx

  7. thank you for the link :) I'm loving everything on Motels site atm ahhhhh! Luckily my friend has just bought two hot dresses! And I'm borrowing one to wear out tomorrow night ;) haha!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

  8. Ahh...I'm SOO in love! Gosh girl, I can totally see why you crave it! Gorgeous!

    (I'm drooling over the simplicity of it all!) Love it!

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  9. i love motel too...ive seen a few of their dresses on karmaloop and i love their style. i love the alanis dress!!

  10. Really like the first dress and have fallen in love with the Katy wallflower dress!! xxx


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