essential knits: hats and beanies

27 October 2010

Much like gloves I find hats an essential for carrying around just in case. I tend to have my simple fur lined superdry beanie in my bag as it's so easy to wear and it doesn't require a lot of effort in the hair department to look good. This season it's a lot more in style to have a chunky beanie like the burnt orange and multi pick pom pom hats, this may take up a little more room in your handbag but i'm sure we can all sacrifice some space for a stunning toastie hat.

♥ abby xx

essential knits: gloves

26 October 2010

Yes i'm doing another series.. one that I feel is essential now that it really is cold outside and windy and raining (booo!) I was fine with the cold, but the rain.. go away! I'll start with an easy one, it's common sense to wear gloves, the warmer your hands, head and feet are then the warmer you will generally be. I've been carrying a pair of gloves around with me since mid september and have pulled them out on numerous occasions. It's time to get some nice ones now.. plain black primarks aren't cutting it so here are some of my favorite picks across  a few online stores this autumn /winter.

I really love the fairisle patterns on gloves, hats, jumpers and most knitwear.. they're everywhere so I can see myself wearing a lot of this in the coming months.

♥ abby xx

fancy dress inspiration-ish

23 October 2010

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that i've already decided on my halloween costume, of which I have done a separate inspirational post for here! Whilst searching for inspirational images though I came across these and there's no way I was keeping them to myself! :)

source: source:
source: source:
source: source:

I'm not one for dressing up animals or babies for that matter but I love these! Winnie the Pooh especially :) I hope you liked this silly little post of mine :) Have a fab saturday!

♥ abby xx

statement message rings

22 October 2010

A lot of us love a good statement ring or few to incorporate into our outfits so how about one that really sends a message.. these rings from GiftGirls are a unique take on the scrabble rings that everyone seems to have at the moment (including myself!) You can buy the 'Yes' and 'No' rings here and here

click image for source / yes ringclick image for source / no ring

So what do you think? I know that if I had a little more money i'd of already bought these before writing this post and with 10% off and a free gift with every order it is very tempting!! Use code GG1257 to take advantage of this offer and let me know if you buy either or both of these rings so I can be jealous :P

Thanks for reading!

♥ abby xx

my fancy dress inspiration

21 October 2010

I've mentioned on twitter that I have decided what I will be dressing up as this halloween, much less scary and probably not as adventurous as last years costume which you can see here.. but still I like it :) You've probably guessed that it's Hello Kitty by now and I know that a couple of you are big fans, Claire from The Fashionteller especially :P So if you have any inspirational pictures i'd love to see them.

I have lots of ideas on how i'm going to do it and what i'm going to wear etc.. but please, if you have any ideas on how I could make this really work or where to get certain items then let me know :) Just bare in mind i'm on a budget.

 source: google images

and for nails..


Oh and to add a little twist to this.. I'll be a hello kitty vampire. The party i'm going to requires 'scary' costumes or no entry (my friends are strict!) So i'm thinking deep red/black eyes, bloody kitty nails and fangs! It should be interesting....

What are you dressing up for this halloween?

♥ abby xx

featured find: Fur up your shoes

14 October 2010

I have been so slack with this feature and for that i'm sorry. Like I said when I started Featured Finds, I have soooo much to show you so it's silly of me not to of continued posting each week. To make up for it i'm going to do a few Featured Finds this week, here is the first..

Trying to find the perfect furry or shearling cuff shoes but just can't or can't afford them? I have found the perfect solution!

These fur cuffs are just £10 a pair at They come in variations of black, and brown and can turn any shoes or boots into furry wonders. I absolutely love these.. What a cheap way of winterizing your shoes!

psst.. you could always make some fur shoe cuffs yourself! I'll probably do a tutorial on this in the near future :P

♥ abby xx

hosiery needs for autumn

13 October 2010

Hosiery has become quite the autumn staple. The weather has begun to deteriorate from the 'summer' that was and so we're whipping out our long socks and tights. (Trousers too but more of them later) I never thought that I would like tights as much as I do now, in fact I used to have an aversion to anything that wasn't sheer or natural looking. But now there are so so many different styles on the market that I can't keep myself from them any longer, not even out of principle.. they're just too pretty!

Because there are sooo many types I have chosen some that I deem to be must haves for this season, mainly because they're on trend (mock suspenders /socks, rips & cable knits) or good stables (single colour navy, khaki and black.. preferably about 50 denier)

Source: See below for links

Then there are the pretties.. these I see as pretty essential for dressing up those simple outfits. They make quite a statement so I wouldn't say you want too much detail in the rest of your outfit whilst wearing these. I especially want the first pair!

Source: See below for links

So what do you think? Have I missed any of your essential hosiery for this autumn? Let me know (Please don't say fishnets)

♥ abby

lush christmas shiz

11 October 2010

It's christmas time at Lush again which normally means a whole tonne of blog posts with their new releases, i'm afraid I won't be jumping on that bandwagon, just the one from me as I probably won't pick up much else from the christmas collection. Maybe a snow fairy as i've never actually bought it and I do love the smell, but for now this is it. So onto my purchases.. I picked up the gingerbread house and sugar plum fairy.

source: photographed by abby

How sweet does this ickle Gingerbread House look! I was drawn straight to it both online and in store even though i'm not such a big fan of ginger. But after a bit of excessive sniffing I haven't been able to smell any ginger on this bubble bar, not even a little whiff!

source: photographed by abby source: source: photographed by abby

Even after my bath I didn't smell of ginger, just sweet with a hint of spice. I also felt warm and cleansed, not just because I was in a warm bath of water but the spice adds a sense of warmth to your body.

The Sugar Plum Fairy was more of an unplanned buy, I just wanted my usual Sugar Babe but this was cheaper and smelt yummier. It's only £1.95 for one of these sweet plum smelling sugar scrubs, that's 65p cheaper than Sugar Babe & Sugar Scrub. So yummier, cheaper, prettier but does the exact same thing .. What have we got to lose!

Have any of the new Lush christmas items caught your eye?

♥ abby

review: cellnique skin action sebum gel

7 October 2010

I'll admit that I was a bit cynical about these products at first, maybe it was because I hadn't heard of Cellnique before or because promises were thrown that others have not been able to keep. I hadn't yet found a product that made a difference to my visible pores and underskin spots and wasn't about to start thinking this was a miracle product.

what the Sebum Gel should do
Control excessive sebum
Reduce the formation of blackheads and whiteheads
Reduce skin inflammatory
Control and prevent breakouts

problems the Sebum Gel should fix

both my nose and either side of it are covered in visible pores. I think because of this it is the most spot prone area of my face.

on my chin, mainly in the crease there have been blocked pores and lots of tiny spots and lumps for as long as i can remember  - you may notice some discolouration here compare to the photograph of my nose. i am starting to battle this with the Cellnique Derma Brightening Complex seeing as I have been so impressed with the sebum gel.

using the sebum gel
I have been using it religiously on my problem areas in the morning and evening. I cleanse and tone as usual, then apply the thin gel in an upward circular movement (which I do anyway without the illustration telling me to). I then wait about a minute for it to dry, smelling and feeling the minty freshness on my skin and use then my moisturiser, primer and apply my makeup as normal. But if i'm going to bed I will skip the last 2 steps. Because of the thin consistency of the gel I am able to wear it under my makeup primer without it sliding which is perfect for this sort of product!

the results!
I keep meaning to take a photo! But the lighting is always appauling when my face happens to be bare! And so there is not photo at this point in time though I will probably add one at a later date and include it in my week in photos. So anyway.. the results: After 1 month of using the gel my pores are less visible and the pinkness has faded. Plus my chin is completely clear! This is what I am most impressed with as my spots here have been around for as long as I can remember and now this area is completely smooth, it's quite incredible and I could not be happier with the results the Skin Action Sebum Gel has had on my skin.

in summary..
This is such a great little bottle to invest in for unblocked skin. I'm not saying that I am completely without spots because I still have surface white heads and redness on occasion but at least i'm not worrying about my nose and chin anymore and can battle those separately. I will be repurchasing the skin action sebum gel when it runs low. It is a new must in my skin care regime :)

If you like the sound of this then click here for more of a browse of the cellnique site or here to go straight to the Sebum Gel!

Thanks for reading!

♥ abby

miss selfridge mid season sale picks under £20

6 October 2010

Often finding myself lusting after majority of my closest Miss Selfridge store I love it when the sale rolls around again! And the Mid-season ones are a perfect chance to get an in style bargain. Browsing through the website I have picked out a few items under £20 that would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe right now, so let me know what you think or if you have bagged any mid season bargains recently!

♥ abby

notd: polka dot rain by eyeko

2 October 2010

Boredom made me want to do something to my nails so please excuse the messy dots and messily painted nails too. If you follow me on twitter you'll know i've been feeling awful the past few days and that lately my nails keep breaking.. rubbish huh. If you were wondering, the dots are barry m white and blue.

Rain is a lovely subtle smokey blue nail polish. I love how eyeko haven't created a typically candy pastel blue as there seems to be many already existing. Unlike the typically pastel blues this shade has a slight shimmer that will only be noticed in certain lights, I think it looks really pretty.

eyeko kindly sent me this polish as well as nude and vintage but i have yet to try these out. No doubt you'll see some more nail posts popping up in the future as i just can't help re-painting my nails every few days at the moment!

If you like this or any other eyeko products use my ambassador code: E10674 at the checkout to receive a free gift with your order.

Any preference between eyeko's vintage and nude?

♥ abby