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It's christmas time at Lush again which normally means a whole tonne of blog posts with their new releases, i'm afraid I won't be jumping on that bandwagon, just the one from me as I probably won't pick up much else from the christmas collection. Maybe a snow fairy as i've never actually bought it and I do love the smell, but for now this is it. So onto my purchases.. I picked up the gingerbread house and sugar plum fairy.

source: photographed by abby

How sweet does this ickle Gingerbread House look! I was drawn straight to it both online and in store even though i'm not such a big fan of ginger. But after a bit of excessive sniffing I haven't been able to smell any ginger on this bubble bar, not even a little whiff!

source: photographed by abby source: source: photographed by abby

Even after my bath I didn't smell of ginger, just sweet with a hint of spice. I also felt warm and cleansed, not just because I was in a warm bath of water but the spice adds a sense of warmth to your body.

The Sugar Plum Fairy was more of an unplanned buy, I just wanted my usual Sugar Babe but this was cheaper and smelt yummier. It's only £1.95 for one of these sweet plum smelling sugar scrubs, that's 65p cheaper than Sugar Babe & Sugar Scrub. So yummier, cheaper, prettier but does the exact same thing .. What have we got to lose!

Have any of the new Lush christmas items caught your eye?

♥ abby


  1. I really want both of these and i'll definitely be stocking up on the scrub just because of the price! I love how cute the gingerbread house is too!

  2. The Gingerbread house is gorgeous isn't it!
    I haven't used the scrub yet though. I think I need all the Christmas range.

  3. The Gingerbread House looks so edible! I'm definitely going to pick some bubble bars up for when I go home next (: For now, Snow Fairy is keeping me more than happy! Lovely photos sweet. xx

  4. The gingerbread house looks amazing! i want! x

  5. Ironically enough those are both at the top of my Lush Crimbo collection wishlist- great pics and desriptions

    xoxo stay fabulous

  6. @Caz - me too! they keep for quite a long time too :) xx

    @Jessica - use it quick so you have an excuse to go to lush and stock up on it all ;) x

    @Michelle - Thanks :) took them with Shauns camera! It's a vast improvement on my iPhone wouldn't you say :P xx

    @Boo - Easy answer.. get it ;) xx

    @Amelia - Mine too :P grab them soon and make the most of them before they're gone! x

  7. I HAVE to get gingerbread house, I havet seen anything so yummy in my life! x


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