outfit: black, white & grey

4 May 2015

Topshop jumpers are the best, all of my favourite knitwear buys are from Topshop stores and this grey piece is the latest addition to my wardrobe.

#PlymouthBlogMeet at RumpusCosy

29 April 2015

Last week I attended the first ever Plymouth blogger meet up (to our knowledge) and it was fab. We talked, drank tea (and coffee), ate cake and photographed EVERYTHING. Seriously.

USA shopping haul

26 April 2015

The place we visit in Colorado doesn't have the usual suspects of American stores that are great to visit so whilst we fly into Denver and that has a Forever21 and a Sephora, out near where we stay in Vail it's an hours drive to Target and an outlet village.

I bought a few fashion pieces from the outlets as well as some much loved beauty bits from Target and the local City Market and thought I'd give you a breakdown of them including costs because it's so different out there!

how do you wear chinos?

25 April 2015

Serious question now, how do you wear chinos? I've liked the idea of them for so long but in reality I have no clue how to wear these tailored beige chinos. I really want to be able to wear them and wear them with confidence but right now I'm struggling with the most basic idea of it all. Maybe I'm just having an off few weeks? It is possible!

Help me please.. How do you wear your tailored trousers and/or chinos?

vail, colorado 2015 & our engagement

22 April 2015

I took hundreds of photos on our recent holiday so I've picked out some of my favourite bits and photographs to show you a glimpse into our two weeks in Colorado including (of course) photos of our engagement! The whole thing was caught on camera from the top of the mountain because we'd just finished having our family photos taken. :)

summer shoes wishlist

19 April 2015

We came back from Colorado to beautiful weather here in Devon, it almost feels like summer is here already and I'm so unprepared. Before we left three weeks ago the weather was pretty dismal and it was far from warm, my winter clothes were still out, I wore a coat every day and carried around an umbrella but now all of a sudden I don't need any of that. I'm reaching for lighter clothes and sandals instead of heavy boots, It's a bizarre transition that's for sure so I've quickly been reminded of my lack of open shoes, hence this wishlist!

Summer Shoe Wishlist

little things I love & happy distractions: march

6 April 2015

I'm currently on holiday 'Shoop Shoop Shooping' but I prepped my March favourites post for you anyway!Although there isn't a book included in these Happy Distractions I have been continuing to read the Game of Thrones series, I just thought you may be bored of hearing me talk about it.