Artificial plants for modern landscaping - What you need to know

28 March 2018

The finely trimmed lines and lush green colour of plants can brighten up the mood any time of the day. But to keep them looking the same all day, every day is a cumbersome task and prove to be quite expensive while managing large spaces over a long period. To keep big office spaces, malls, and hospitals look as sharp with a contemporary look, artificial plants and trees have proven to be of great help. Starting from ornamental grasses to boxwood topiary, the choices with silk plants are innumerable for modern landscaping designs.

that polka dot trend and how to wear it without looking retro

23 March 2018

Polka dots can look quite retro and while I like that look on other people it’s really not something that suits my style. However this season has seen some great pieces being launched into the highstreet and I’m very tempted to be brave and give polka dots a go, with the aim to avoid retro vibes if I can. Some of these pieces could be worn in a way that looks styled in the 60s but I think that they are also perfectly suited for a formal workwear ensemble or fun night out outfit and this is exactly how I’d choose to wear them. There are also a number of types of dotty accessories that could add a statement to an otherwise plain or ordinary outfit which could be a simple way to ease into polka dot trend

Is getting an emotional support animal status difficult?

22 March 2018

Everybody deserves an uncomplicated and peaceful treatment for any sort of illness. But when it especially comes to the illness of minds, sometimes your pets know it better how to help you deal with a certain kind of a trauma than your therapist who would have otherwise prescribed you the stereotypes, and in a way more isolated and repressive techniques. Have you heard about the ESAs yet? It’s all about getting an animal, preferably dog, in most cases, by your side for your emotional support especially when you are going through mental stress.

new in: ring detail mini backpack

13 March 2018

The ring detail that started gaining popularity because of the Chloe bag can now be found everywhere. I’ve seen leather gloves and ankle boots with ring pulls, belts with a metal ring decorating it or in place of the buckle and of course many bags inspired by (and mimicking) the original. Handbags, cross body bags and backpack styles are all decorated with this circular hardware and they're littering our store, online shops and social media inspiration - of course this means that we all want one!

I’ve contemplated buying a number of bags with this detail now, most recently including a similar style backpack on asos but it was too big and large soft pink cross body bag from Matalan but it was too pink! This bag from inevitably won me over and I'm pleased it did. I’ve been looking for a nice mini backpack for some time that wasn't necessarily like this and I hadn’t quite find one which was suiting of my style until now. I didn’t want a mini rucksack which was going to look too soft or relaxed or have a rounded top style like a school backpack does so a rigid PU leather structure with a flap over the top opening is perfect (much better than fumbling with a zip all the way around a soft shell). I also wanted something that was suitable for day to day wear that would work with almost any outfit, be it casual or dressy. This bag has detachable rucksack straps and a replacement shoulder strap make it more diverse and wearable for almost any outfit.

The other thing that was an absolute must for me when shopping for a small backpack was gold hardware. I look for the same thing when buying other bags too because gold is a metal I’m drawn to for most things these days (including homewares - blog post coming soon). Yes I have silver hardware bags and a couple of gunmetal pieces too because variety is the spice of life but lately if I am forced to choose I will always opt for gold.

Since using this PU leather shoulder bag I've had a number of compliments from my family, my friends and complete strangers in the street which almost never happens and is unusual because it's just a bag right? Well it's a damn good one according to a lot of people, including me.

♥ abby

10 ring detail bags that won’t break the bank | a wishlist

12 March 2018

For some time I've been looking for a bag which use the perfect circle hardware in their design. Be it as a handle, decoration or something to help lift the flap and open your bag, this ring detail is all over the fashion industry. I’ve noticed that there are three types of these bags on the market; Some metal ring bags are obviously over-the-top similar to the designer Chloé’s bags (which is very unfair), others are clearly inspired by them (rather than a very close copy) and others simply hold the hardware similarity and nothing more.

I really like the metal ring detail on these bags because it’s something different to the many tassel and fluffy bags around at the moment. For me I need a simple clean-lines accessory that will suit any of my outfits with ease. These backpack, tote and cross body bag designs are more wearable for me and suit my obsessed-with-biker-jackets style.