thoughts on mio skincare

24 November 2015

Skincare is one of those things that we all do (or atleast we should do) so I often find myself picking up new brands depending on offers or if they're new. I'd only heard of Mio because of Mama Mio which is skincare specific to pregnant women, a friend mentioned how much they liked using Mama Mio so I thought the everyday skincare range was worth taking a look at and opted for an all round skincare regime to replace some empties.

my christmas wish list #3: fashion & accessories

22 November 2015

This wishlist could have been so so much bigger, especially since my trip into town on the weekend allowed me to discover so many beautiful new-in season items. New Look especially caught my eye to the point of wanting to walk out with arm loads of goodies from suede calf boots to beaded clutch bags - I want all the stuffs!

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The November #LFBeautyBox

20 November 2015

The second of the limited edition beauty boxes arrived and it's great. With a box just as gorgeous as the first and equally great contents I'm pretty impressed with the LFBeautyBox and can see myself renewing even after my 3 month subscription ends.

outfit: simplicity

19 November 2015

There wasn't really much point to this outfit shoot aside from the fact I was playing around with my new bendy tripod and thought I'd use the photos rather than ditching them off. This is a pretty accurate representation of my go-to style combo of recent months - Top, jeans, boots, done.

my christmas wish list #2: home decor

17 November 2015

More and more often I'm choosing to browse the homeware section of the likes of Zara, H&M, Asda, Next and more rather than the fashion departments. I think since we've been going through the process of buying our house I've become much more receptive to decorating it myself and injecting some of my personality into the rooms. At the moment a lot of the things in our home were bought on the cheap to fill a gap or gifted and lent to us while we didn't have the funds for new things but now I'm ready to move forward with a real plan for our decor and the theme of each room.

I've pulled together some of the things I'm loving from my go-to online homeware shops, things which I hope will still be available if I don't happen to receive them as Christmas gifts! ;)

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shopping the shoe sales

16 November 2015

I've come across some beautiful things in the end of season sales that are going on all over, shoes grabbing the most of my attention. So it's heels that I've focussed on in this post because if I could own every pair of these on-sale shoes I would. Each pair of pretties that I've found and put into this post is under £30. I've also linked the image so that if you click the pair of shoes you want then you'll find it'll take you straight to them! :)

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outfit: workwear midi

15 November 2015

Do you ever whip together an outfit that turns out to make you feel great? This is one of those outfits for me. I quite literally threw it together as I had no clue what to wear but wanted something different to my standard 'cami and jeans' of late. Dressing for work is more like dressing for the weekend, styling up an every day outfit to look more smart than usual - or casual depending on the day ahead, I think that's why I keep wearing jeans! My only issue with this ensemble is the fact that I'm wearing tights, as I always do, they're well inside my comfort zone and I suspect they'll remain there for some time.