there is such a thing as the perfect man

26 March 2015

So the perfect man does exist! Or so I'm told. Some research done by Ladbrokes to find out what people thought the perfect man would look like, wear and work as has been released and I have to admit I am a little surprised by some of the results. Mostly because I thought I was in the minority by being part of the hipster-beard-and-man-bun-hating brigade but it turns out that 96% of women surveyed hate the 'mun' and only 1 in 10 actually like the beards that are littering our streets. Yes that's how I see these 'on trend' male styles.. garbage. So it’s good to know I'm not alone!

Gimme a stubble-faced shaved-head man any day - you know I'm talking about Mr Statham right? Or David Beckham.. He'll do. David was the main man named in the research, so basically the UK's perfect male was described as a '6 ft tall, blue eyed guy with short back & sides, who's suited and booted (Don Draper style), on at least 45k salary, has a great personality, is a managing director and a David Beckham look-a-like.' Not that these people are asking for much.

We keep saying the word 'perfect' but what is that really? The idea of perfection is different for everyone and personally I'm not totally convinced it exists. Either way I thought it'd be fun to style Shaun up according to the research but I hit a stumbling block because he's been really unwell the last few days so really wasn't up to posing for photos. Instead I've pulled a couple of older photos from my past menswear posts to use instead and I thought it'd be fun to create an image of him - paper doll style!

what's in my long-haul flight carry on #abzski

25 March 2015

We fly out in a few days and I'm packed and ready. My hold-all luggage and my carry on are sat waiting to go which I know is sad but I really like to be prepared and not be faffing around last minute wondering where my gloves are or if I've remembered to take my lip balm. So I've been writing a list or two since the beginning of the month to make sure that I have all of the right gear and then over the last week I've sorted everything out and packed it.

outfit: cut out front midi dress

24 March 2015

The dress I should've worn to my friends engagement party. I was dressed and ready but made a last minute outfit change into a high-neck lbd from the same Missguided collection as this.

what's in my ski holiday luggage #abzski

22 March 2015

Aside from the two bikini's I've just packed this holiday pack list couldn't be any further away from my summer holiday suitcase blog post from last year. This one is jam packed full of waterproof and cosy good-ness which is why I thought I'd blog my packing list for my ski holiday coming up as part of the #abzski series I've been writing. Today I started packing into my wonderful new Animal and Dakine luggage because we leave in a week! (Eeek!) I pulled out all of my ski gear, a handful of hats and my base layers then as this week goes by I'll gradually pack my everyday clothes along with my toiletries and shoes and so on. So here's the full list..

craving: H&M accessories

21 March 2015

I can't get over how much of the h&m accessories range I just put in my online basket, it's a little ridiculous. They have so many beautiful pieces of jewellery, detailed leather bags and awesome boots and heels.

Lush product reviews part 1

Last weeks Lush event sent me away with some wonderful goodies including a body spray, bubble bar and shower jelly as well as other pretties that I wanted to try and needed to repurchase.

outfit: cream & tan

20 March 2015

Some days you just need to wear what you know. This outfit is full of old favourites that I lean on when I can't decide or don't feel great about myself. I look at them and everything still fits and works well, I'm sure everyone has something in their wardrobe like this that they wear over and over. It can't just be me. :)