little things & happy distractions: may & june

11 August 2016

I realise May and June seem like such a long time ago (because they were) but I've been a busy little bee! I'll post my July and August favourites / life update at the end of this month so for now here are some snaps of new things, things I love and a little bit of what I've been upto while away from the blog!

Practical tips for reducing costs when planning a wedding

8 August 2016

Allow me to start this post by saying that reducing the cost of a wedding doesn’t mean it will be a bad (or cheap) one. A wedding is an incredibly special occasion and it should be celebrated as such. That said, you don’t have to spend over and above in order to have a memorable and intimate day with friends and family.

The key to having a beautiful yet affordable wedding is planning. When you have enough time on your hands and you are willing to spend some time planning, there are actually many ways to have an affordable wedding reception. In this article, however, we are going to focus on how you can reduce costs without hassle when planning a wedding.

new in: moda in pelle pretty heels

19 July 2016

Looking for the perfect work shoe that isn't a boot is such a difficult thing to do for me, or at least it was. I now have one pair of shoes suitable for office hours, these nude-y beige patent heels from Moda in Pelle.

What to wear to a formal wedding: advice for guys and girls

7 July 2016

If you have been invited to a wedding which has a formal dress code, you can be sure to have to spend some time putting together the perfect outfit. Whether you’re male or female, making sure that you get the right outfit for a formal wedding is hugely important to not only make sure that you look your best and adhere to the dress code, but also that you’re not upstaging the bride or groom on their big day. For this reason, there are a number of rules to stick to when you’re choosing what to wear to a wedding which is a formal affair.

nails: opi and champagne

29 May 2016

Right now i'm away on a very good friend on mine's hen do. Sat somewhere in Budapest probably drinking some sort of fruity alcoholic drink and having a giggle! So this nail post is a special one because it's the combo I picked out earlier in the week to play with and chose to wear this weekend.