craving: succulent khaki

30 August 2015

I fancy khaki. There, I said it. Khaki green plants and fluffy green cushions right down to fitted midi skirts and shimmering nail polish, I want them all on and around me. :D

Because of this I've put together a little wishlist, much smaller than my usual bulk of products that I use to create a collage and I've also put it together in a different style, I hope you like!

My house remodelling inspiration

24 August 2015

I'm really into interiors at the moment so I've been reading lots of blogs, pinning ev-e-ry-thing and drooling over inspirational sites. I find myself shopping more for the home than for myself which is really odd but I kinda like it!  I think I've got to the point of my life where because the mortgage of our house is finally going through we can actually start thinking about what we really want our home to be, too look like and to feel like. At the moment it's just the house we live in, the house Shaun's grandparents bought and lived it when it was built and that his mum grew up in from about the age of 7. It's lovely but there are changes, or rather 'improvements' that we'd like to make, not only to bring it up to date and maintain the house and all of it's amenities but also to modernise it in terms of the decor. We have redecorated 3 rooms so far (though something has to be done about the wardrobe in our room - Shaun picked that by himself!).

We're currently in the middle of sorting the bathroom out and next will be my wardrobe room. :D
Because of this I have been scouring the interwebs for decoration ideas only to find some amazing sites and images that have been so inspirational to my final idea. Below are a few images I've come across that have ultimately inspired me to decorate my dressing room a certain way.


delivery for milo!

10 August 2015

Milo gets all the love lately. When I pulled this box out in front of him last weekend he knew that it was a package for him so he bounded towards me to try and take it!

I guess if I'd let him have the box then it would have been shredded on the spot, which would've been funny to watch but I didn't fancy cleaning it up so Shaun restrained him while I opened it instead! Once open Milo's head was straight in there and he bolted off with the only soft toy that was inside.. I don't think he cared that I needed a photo first so Shaun and I then had to play a game of chase around the front garden just to try and get the toy back for a second. :/

Shopping appropriate and gorgeous underwear

11 July 2015

Shopping gorgeous and appropriate underwear It's true to me that my lingerie drawers hold the most important elements to my wardrobe because without starting with good undies my outfit is screwed. It's not just about them being good though, both the bra and bottoms need to be appropriate to the outfit, so if you're wearing a nude cotton vest you're likely to need a light coloured bra underneath. And if you're rocking a beautifully fitted bodycon dress you wouldn't (well, you shouldn't) wear a pair of badly fitting pants because it will look very unflattering plus if they fit badly in the first place I imagine they're very uncomfortable.

craving: wedding guest shoes

6 July 2015

We're well into wedding season now, with ceremonies going on left right and centre of me, there's so much to celebrate and so many outfits to think about! Shoes have been my biggest fret whilst getting ready in recent months. I've had a right mare trying to pick out wedding appropriate formal shoes because I have just one choice really; black Kurt Geiger peep toe bow sandals, that's it. Any of my other heels are either more suitable for a clubbing night out and have actually been worn for such an occasion meaning they're a bit roughed up, or other shoes I have are chunky heeled or platform wedges more suitable for a casual event than a wedding. So as usual I've spent some time doing a spot of shopping for my favourite thing. :)

outfit: double denim and minty plimsoles

5 July 2015

Well hello there, it's been a long time (again). It's such a busy time right now so blogging is being pushed near to the bottom of the pile for me, I hate it and can't wait to make more time for my blog again but until then you'll see things a little patchy and not up to scratch. Like these photos for example, they're a bit sketchy because the lighting my room is not playing ball but I didn't have time to re-shoot them.

I've been loving plimsoles these past few weeks what with the weather being all over the place and most days being a little too warm for boots. This pair of light turquoise lace ups by Reef are the most recent addition to my plimsole collection and the comfiest! The insoles are cushioned and soft molded which arch support that makes some some of the comfiest flats I've ever owned.

festival footwear

26 June 2015

When planning a festival outfit I would bet that a lot of people don't consider their shoes to be of high importance but for me it's the item that I would pick first. Think about it, festivals tend to be a bit muddy wet and gross, you're going to be on your feet for most of the time and maybe wearing the same footwear for a couple of days unless you fancy taking a spare pair. It's actually the item of highest priority to me because of all this, if your feet aren't comfy then you may not have as much of an awesome time as you could. Because of all of this your chosen footwear should be waterproof, comfortable and obviously look good!