new in: Betty London sandals & Why i'll be living in low block heel sandals this summer

30 July 2018

I've featured Betty London in quite a few blog posts over the last couple of years. It's one of those unknown brands that not many people seem to know about but that I've found always deliver a cracking shoe that is both comfy and in style or on trend. My favourite Betty London footwear is a pair of tan coloured flat leather and suede calf boots that I bought about 2 years ago - they are just so easy to wear throughout the autumn and winter months because they go with so many outfits and they're some of the comfiest boots I've owned. Having some winter shoes and heels by Betty London I've wanted to try a pair of sandals, flat or otherwise so I ordered these bad boys last week and they haven't disappointed!

The main thing that I love about low block heels is that they give you some elevation, but not too much which means no achey feet, not too much pressure on the balls of your feet and the benefit of a little aesthetically pleasing lift for your legs.

I get foot ache relatively easily with completely flat flip flops, sandals or ballet pumps so this type of block heel is the one for me this summer!

Shop Betty London sandals here

♥ abby

brands i love: Footwear by Ted Baker

30 June 2018

The difference between a good pair of shoes and a bad pair had a lot of do with the brand quality. We expect a lot of our shoes; supporting us day in day out while being pounded into the ground, so it’s important that the quality and assurance we expect of shoe brands meets expectations, especially where more expensive brands are concerned. That being said, we all have brand names we do and don’t trust and that can be a very personal thing. Ad with making a complaint, we as the general public are more likely to talk about negative experiences than positive (statistically we’re a bunch of complainers and that sucks!) and so a new feature is born. Brands I love. Together let’s turn the stats and make it more likely for people to speak out about the brands we love instead or those you hate!

Ted Baker
I don’t have any experience with Ted Baker clothes, their accessories however are the bomb (insert cool sunglasses emoji). In the typical Mum fashion I’m one of those people who shops for practical items however I’m unwilling to compromise on appearance. Just having a pair of shoes look great isn’t enough for me anymore as they have to feel great too! Gone are the days of struggling and suffering through a night out or day of work because my heels are killing me, gone are the days of sneakily taking shoes off under the desk or carrying them to McDonalds at 3am before hitting the taxi rank and heading home. Ted Baker shoes as well as a couple of other brands have opened my eyes to comfort and style and it’s brilliant.

Look at these shoes and tell me they don’t look great!

12 stand-out sandals perfect for summer

30 May 2018

Now that we've had a brief display of how hot the weather can be it's times like these that most of us realise how much we need some suitable shoes or sandals to keep our feet cool and to style with our summer clothes.

Footwear can be such a personal thing, especially when you choose to have a such a wide range of options available to you at home (otherwise known as collecting/hoarding/being a shoeaholic). For some of us it's not enough to have just a pair of flip flops for the beach and a pair of sandals for the bar. It's perfectly okay to have a pair of thick strap flat sandals for wandering about town, some slightly heeled versions for a meal out, metallic flipflops for the beach, toe-post sandals with tassels for an easy day-to-night look and any others that suit your style. The options really are endless!

Artificial plants for modern landscaping - What you need to know

28 March 2018

The finely trimmed lines and lush green colour of plants can brighten up the mood any time of the day. But to keep them looking the same all day, every day is a cumbersome task and prove to be quite expensive while managing large spaces over a long period. To keep big office spaces, malls, and hospitals look as sharp with a contemporary look, artificial plants and trees have proven to be of great help. Starting from ornamental grasses to boxwood topiary, the choices with silk plants are innumerable for modern landscaping designs.

that polka dot trend and how to wear it without looking retro

23 March 2018

Polka dots can look quite retro and while I like that look on other people it’s really not something that suits my style. However this season has seen some great pieces being launched into the highstreet and I’m very tempted to be brave and give polka dots a go, with the aim to avoid retro vibes if I can. Some of these pieces could be worn in a way that looks styled in the 60s but I think that they are also perfectly suited for a formal workwear ensemble or fun night out outfit and this is exactly how I’d choose to wear them. There are also a number of types of dotty accessories that could add a statement to an otherwise plain or ordinary outfit which could be a simple way to ease into polka dot trend