Learning comfort is king when it comes to footwear and not letting it cramp my style!

I have recently learnt that comfort is king when it comes to shoes. After going for a reasonable length walk in my daily-wear calf boots and getting blisters (again) I decided enough is enough and I need some decent trainers in my life. Sure I have my Nike Airs but they don’t go with everything thanks to the colour I chose (burgundy, grey and bright orange) and I also have some gel sole Asics but again I opted for a colour which just doesn’t suit every day to day outfit which leaves me a bit stuck for easy-to-wear comfy footwear!

I've taken to my favourite shoe store, Spartoo, to find myself a black and/or white pair of decent trainers that I could wear every day if I wanted (not plimsoles, though my plimsoles are gold or yellow so I should get some new ones). I’ve narrowed it down to these 4 and here’s why.
Adidas superstar
These have been on my wishlist for some time. The superstar style suits me with its simplicity, rounded toe and flash of colour. Having them in white would be the dream, though I know I’d have to keep on top of keeping them white which for me is the only drawback with these great looking, simple trainers.
Search: Adidas Originals SUPERSTAR W White / Gold

Nike Air
As I mentioned, I have a pair of Nike Air trainers they’re just the wrong colour. I’d get a second pair in a heartbeat though because Nike really do make cracking footwear. The Nike Air Max 90 is a chunky beaut of a trainer with all the amazing 90s vibes rolled into a pure white leather comfy trainer.
Search: Nike Air Max 90 leather white

High tops
I have an old pair of Adidas hi-tops that I love but that’s just it; they’re very loved and very tired with the stained look of all the long dog walks they’ve been on. Because these trainers have lasted a long time I’d like to get another pair of them either by adidas, an equally great quality brand or a better brand because knowing they’re durable and reliable is important. Supra is one of those reliable brands and the SkyTop is my dream hi-top trainer (shop here), especially one of the black styles.
Search: Supra SKYTOP Black

I have the standard low rise Vans but what would suit me more in this instance is a pair of, what would be comfier, hi-rise Vans (that aren’t yellow like my current pair - I seem to have a thing for coloured trainers).
Search: Vans SK8-HI reissue black / white leather

♥ abby


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