the £100 outfit challenge : missguided

29 September 2011

Yes it's another new feature that is doomed to fail ;) Every now and again i'll be setting myself a challenge of creating 1 outfit from 1 store using £100 or less. The outfit must work well together and be something i'd actually wear and could wear diversely with the rest of my wardrobe. First stop, my current favourite..

When thinking about this outfit, my current state of my made me lean towards something that I can wear to work as well as casually out for a couple of drinks or over to a friends for dinner. This is absolutely something that I would wear for all of those things and feel completely comfortable in. Although I have a slight aversion to jeans (we all know i love my tights!) i find them very easy to wear and style on myself at the moment, coloured pairs especially. You can expect some more jeans outfit posts as we dive into autumn and winter. Which actually isn't such a bad thing, especially for those of you who struggle with pulling them off.

If you'd like to buy this outfit or even part of it, hurry on over to tomorrow as they will be celebrating payday with a lovely discount for us all to use :) I'll update this post when they announce the code!

If you'd like to get involved in this challenge, do your stuff. However if you'd like to feature your challenge result on my blog please email me at for details :)

♥ abby

i'm craving: tonnes of knitwear

27 September 2011

As autumn creeps up on us i think we're all diving into the knitwear piles to find our perfect jumper. As i've been doing the same, here are a few of those i'm coveting across my current shop favourites. Along with those comfy pretty cardis I desperately crave.


missguided rust chunky | missguided aztec crop | missguided thick cream | topshop navy | topshop mink | topshop berry | topshop blush | topshop cream | boohoo wine cable | boohoo wine shrug | boohoo cream laddered | boohoo metallic mocha | republic pastel pattern cardi | republic button up shrug | next grey patterned | next chunky blush | republic fair isle cardi | republic relaxed metallic | republic black cut out | republic dark print

Sorry my posts are slightly few and far between at the moment. I seem to have a lot on my plate and no idea where to start /carry on from. I do however, have a tonne of posts lined up and some very exciting things going on in the background so bare with me :)

♥ abby

abbzzw on paper : pick me ups

22 September 2011

Taking a page from the lovely Bee's book (quite literally) I have decided to actually show you some of the lists I make. Whether in my filofax, notepad, sketch book, iPhone notes or on a scrap of paper I write and draw lists all the time for all sorts of things. Rather than creating new ones i'm going to show you a lot of my existing lists that I have lying around for now.

This is one that I wrote some time ago when I was feeling down and actually referred to recently.

I hope you managed to read my messy handwriting. Is there anything you'd add to this list?

I've had a change up of my main menu as there was so much pink pattern flying about for my liking. I'm probably going to amend a few other things now that my design brain seems to of momentarily switched back on. Let me know what you think of it. Feedback is my best friend ;)

♥ abby

shiny happy people

19 September 2011

I realised today that I haven't yet shown you the bits I got for my 21st birthday, other than my fabulous jewellery storage. I'm not going to show everything because frankly, I can't be bothered and some of it won't interest you guys even though I love it all. Vera Wang Princess, Bottles of Baileys and Champagne for instance :D

Sorry if I ramble or muddle up my words a little today, i'm not feeling fantastic. As some of you may of seen me moaning about on twitter.. Apologies.

I received this ring from Shaun and even though I picked it so it wasn't a surprise, he got it engraved with the same words I engraved his ring with, which is lovely :)

My troll bead bracelet was a gift from Shaun's parents and the beads are a combination from my loved ones :) all for my 21st. The giraffe which is 2 wrapped around each other, is from Shaun. The elephant is from my mum. The 2 glass beads from Shaun's parents. And the 'A' and Hippo are from my daddy and family. The Hippo has been discontinued but my dad knew how much i'd love the little guy because it's my mum's favourite animal and so went all over the southwest looking for one and he found this guy in totnes. My little hippo was the last one in our area and i'm so glad he's mine :)

Do any of you have troll bead bracelets? If so, as i'm a newbie i'd love to see them!

♥ abby

something arty on the wall

16 September 2011

For some time now I have been thinking about how I would like to decorate my house. Not that we have one, we're still renting and saving but when we do get one i'll be able to decorate to my hearts content. I'm probably going to talk about this a bit more often as this is really something that is on my mind at the moment and I want to start collecting together ideas, objects and even working on things that i'd like to put in my home. So this is sort of an inspiration post for now. An inspiration for wall art, or wall decals as these all are. I however, want to paint things straight onto my walls. Things like these, pretty, simple and decorative images that will add our character to the house. I'm going to start drawing up some ideas in my home scrap /sketchbook relatively soon, hope that's not too sad to admit!

sources: various tumblr accounts. (i've been collecting for a while!) If one of these images is your please let me know and I will update with a link for you.

I wonder if I can convince Shaun to let me do something like this in our flat right now.. Maybe I'll surprise him ;)

♥ abby

bershka launch online

7 September 2011

My absolute favourite shop is now trading online! :D Bershka launched their online shop yesterday which covers numerous countries which is fab because Great Britain is one of those! Though as it stands, my shopping basket is over £400 which is not exactly plausible for me at the moment.. And so here are my most wanted items from Bershka at the moment, even though I mostly want to buy the store ;)

Now this isn't everything, I also have my eye on the suede fringe tee but lets not go into all of the other things I want or you'd be here forever! So what do you think? Will you be making an order?

♥ abby