the £100 outfit challenge : missguided

Yes it's another new feature that is doomed to fail ;) Every now and again i'll be setting myself a challenge of creating 1 outfit from 1 store using £100 or less. The outfit must work well together and be something i'd actually wear and could wear diversely with the rest of my wardrobe. First stop, my current favourite..

When thinking about this outfit, my current state of my made me lean towards something that I can wear to work as well as casually out for a couple of drinks or over to a friends for dinner. This is absolutely something that I would wear for all of those things and feel completely comfortable in. Although I have a slight aversion to jeans (we all know i love my tights!) i find them very easy to wear and style on myself at the moment, coloured pairs especially. You can expect some more jeans outfit posts as we dive into autumn and winter. Which actually isn't such a bad thing, especially for those of you who struggle with pulling them off.

If you'd like to buy this outfit or even part of it, hurry on over to tomorrow as they will be celebrating payday with a lovely discount for us all to use :) I'll update this post when they announce the code!

If you'd like to get involved in this challenge, do your stuff. However if you'd like to feature your challenge result on my blog please email me at for details :)

♥ abby


  1. LOL. I seriously must laugh at this challenge - a couple of Czech bloggers made the same, expect the fact that their outfit must have been 100CZK or less. Which is not even £4 in recount.

    Would any of you take that challenge? :P

  2. such a great post idea! really love the jeans :)

  3. I always do the same in that I look for outfits I can wear to looads of different things such as work, night out, dinner out etc. This is a great idea. Will have to get on the case ;) xxx

  4. That's a lovely outfit, i could see myself wearing it too :) It could be worn to alot. And it's now good to know Missguided have the scallop vest's cheaper than Topshop, might have to get myself a few haha xx

  5. Ooo nice feature idea! I love those jeans, I just brought a pair of wine coloured jeans and then the weather turn LUSH and I haven't had a chance to wear them :P

    L x


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