craving homeware: candles

29 April 2016

I'm well into buying items to redecorate our lounge now, my recent post featuring a blush and copper wish list inspired me even further to go out and buy cushions, throws, photo frames and more things that tie in with our new look. One thing I missed out of my discussion on the living room, aside from the obvious absence of furniture, was candles.

Our home is littered with candles from scented tea lights in holders to big jars or those that stand alone, we have a sizeable love for beautiful smelling and decorative candles. Having a dog we like to light scented candles on a regular basis as it's much nicer rather than having air fresheners on all of the time so i'm always looking for new ones to add to the stock pile that we're constantly working through.

wedding planning: the theme

26 April 2016

Having started with writing about choosing a wedding venue the next step would be to talk about the theme you're going for.

craving: wedding guest outfits

22 April 2016

Following on from my previous wedding guest outfit shopping post I'm on the hunt for the perfect dress but this time for a special wedding in July. I'm looking for something especially beautiful and I've come across a new collection from Quiz that represents just that.

new in: agate earrings

21 April 2016

The cliche of being a magpie is a popular one but I'd describe myself as just that, I'm attracted to shiny things, metallic finishes and jewellery, all the jewellery. So it makes sense that my next new-in blog post would be about silver pieces that I've added to my jewellery cabinet.

craving homeware: blush & copper

19 April 2016

I find myself inspired by so many things of late, which is great! Especially seeing as one of the activities that I've particularly inspired to do is redecorate. Now that our home is officially that, 'ours' I want to make more of a mark, starting with redecorating certain rooms of the house, the lounge/diner and my dressing room being those I want to focus on first. Rather than settling for easy and cheap furniture with no real thought put into the look of the rooms I want a real colour scheme to be featured with strong design decisions displayed throughout. I want to be surrounded by things that reflect out taste, character and style (well, my style at least.)

While I've been planning my wardrobe room for some time now I'm hoping that by summer it'll be all-in and finished so I'll talk about the progress on that soon. For now I've been thinking about a theme for our lounge, how it would work with the attached dining room and how I can pull it through to other rooms like the kitchen.

I've collected together a number of blush and copper coloured items that I think would look great through the house. From rose gold flower pots and metallic inner lampshades to rose coloured cushions and dusky pink throws I've become quite obsessed with this theme and the possibilities of how beautifully stylish my house could (will) look.

copper inner lampshade | light pink lantern | copper heart canvas
rose gold planter | brushed copper cafetiere | light pink candle | copper finished lightbulb
dusky pink throw | rose gold basket
copper wire tealight holder | pink ombre cord hangers | copper geometric frame | pink faded vase
copper slogan cushion | blush rose cushion | blush velvet cushion pink glass drawer knobs

khaki and gold nails

16 April 2016

With autumn colours fading out as the spring shades slip themselves into our everyday wardrobes I'm still choosing to embrace berry, camel and khaki where possible - particularly where my nails are concerned. I love light pastels and fun summer shades but feel as though I'm clinging onto a bit of winter while it's still so chilly in the mornings.

asos save list

10 April 2016

This may come as a shock to you but I'm always on asos. I know right?! Who knew. I come home I go on asos. I think about a blog post I go on asos. It's basically my first port of call even before Pinterest for outfit and style inspiration. The only downside to this is that I find myself wanting and wishing for some many things so in order to put this addiction to good use I thought I'd begin sharing my save list with you every now and again. Not my full save list because at any given time I have 200+ items saved and that would just be silly to try and put in one post so I'm going to share my latest 20(ish) additions to the list.

Be it sale or new-in, clothes or jewellery, I come across some great deals and beautiful items and so on the off chance that I can't afford to buy them (which is often the case) I'd like to offer them up to you lovely people!

So here goes.. You'll find links to everything below.

the pastels are in : powder blue & baby pink

8 April 2016

Pastels are a wonderful thing, especially when worn with a glowing tan, so as they slowly creep into the shops I've started to think about the ways in which I want to wear certain shades this spring and leading on into summer. Starting with the originals baby blue and baby pink because they're my go-to shades.

review: Wagglepets - dog essentials delivered

4 April 2016

I am loving the ease of having a Wagglepets subscription to deliver all of the essentials to our door. Dog food, dentastix, poo bags and treats are delivered every month with a toy as well then worming and tic treatments when due. To pay for all of that and pet insurance in one lump sum is so easy and super convenient.