review: Wagglepets - dog essentials delivered

I am loving the ease of having a Wagglepets subscription to deliver all of the essentials to our door. Dog food, dentastix, poo bags and treats are delivered every month with a toy as well then worming and tic treatments when due. To pay for all of that and pet insurance in one lump sum is so easy and super convenient.

The ease of having everything delivered straight to your door is priceless so I thought I’d give a bit of an update on how our subscription is going as we’ve now been using Wagglepets since December last year.

Each month we receive enough of each of the following things to last until our next subscription arrives;
  • Food suited to Milos age/size
  • An activity tracker
  • Pet Insurance
  • A 24/7 veterinary care line
  • Flea/tick and worming treatments
  • Dentastix
  • Poo bags
  • And a treat or toy (this month we received teats and a brush) 

The amount of food has always been spot on and although it's a change from what he was eating before, Milo really likes it. His weight hasn't changed and he's still a super happy and healthy dog which is great! The new toys are always durable and the dentastix are a god send because not only does he love them but they help keep his teeth and gums healthy too.

Everything else has been a helpful bonus. From the poo bags to the pet insurance and activity tracker they're all very useful and must have items so it's handy to have them all supplied together in one pacvkage like this.

All-in-all we're really happy with our Wagglepets subscription! Yay :D

It’s super easy to sign up on the Wagglepets website and the customer service team are so friendly so if you do have any trouble at all it’s worth firing them a message because they’re always happy to help. If you like the sound of Wagglepets and want to give it a go then using this discount code will give you 50% off your first box: ABBY50

♥ abby 


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