something arty on the wall

16 September 2011

For some time now I have been thinking about how I would like to decorate my house. Not that we have one, we're still renting and saving but when we do get one i'll be able to decorate to my hearts content. I'm probably going to talk about this a bit more often as this is really something that is on my mind at the moment and I want to start collecting together ideas, objects and even working on things that i'd like to put in my home. So this is sort of an inspiration post for now. An inspiration for wall art, or wall decals as these all are. I however, want to paint things straight onto my walls. Things like these, pretty, simple and decorative images that will add our character to the house. I'm going to start drawing up some ideas in my home scrap /sketchbook relatively soon, hope that's not too sad to admit!

sources: various tumblr accounts. (i've been collecting for a while!) If one of these images is your please let me know and I will update with a link for you.

I wonder if I can convince Shaun to let me do something like this in our flat right now.. Maybe I'll surprise him ;)

♥ abby