Matching fashion and style with our loved ones has become increasingly popular over the last year or so. Be it his and her shoes, father and son matching shirts or mother and daughter outfits.

High street stores have caught onto this adorable trend and are rolling out collections left, right and centre. Matching pjs is one of the go-to's that both Next and Matalan have on offer. Matalan recently launched a range of star print pyjamas for all the family (including the dog) as part of their Alder Hey charity hospital collection. River Island also launched a mini me collection 'Silver and Lux' for mums to stylishly match their daughters!

The easiest way to match with your little person is with shoes and some big brands sell their popular styles in both adult and child sizes. Nike, Adidas and Converse offer perfect pairs of grown up trainers to match the kids throughout the year while Havaianas, Reef and other brands have summer footwear so similar to some in little sizes that it'd be hard to tell the difference.

Shopping around for these matching sets is easy once you start looking for them. All of these shoes are available on

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Set 1: Victoria deportivo
Set 2: Reef star cushion / little cushion
Set 3: Havaianas slim / baby chic
Set 4: Nike Air Huarache run
Set 5 Sketchers energy lights
Set 6: Converse all star
Set 7: Adidas Gazelle

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