essential knits: gloves

Yes i'm doing another series.. one that I feel is essential now that it really is cold outside and windy and raining (booo!) I was fine with the cold, but the rain.. go away! I'll start with an easy one, it's common sense to wear gloves, the warmer your hands, head and feet are then the warmer you will generally be. I've been carrying a pair of gloves around with me since mid september and have pulled them out on numerous occasions. It's time to get some nice ones now.. plain black primarks aren't cutting it so here are some of my favorite picks across  a few online stores this autumn /winter.

I really love the fairisle patterns on gloves, hats, jumpers and most knitwear.. they're everywhere so I can see myself wearing a lot of this in the coming months.

♥ abby xx


  1. I have a pair like the little panda ones only without the panda part! Hehe those are cute though. It's so helpful that they're cut offs because you can text freely! I adore my purple knit gloves and I can't wait to start wearing them!

  2. Aimee - I have some accessorize ones from last year and the year before. They're great! Especially seeing as I hardly ever put my phone down :P x

  3. Ahh these are adorable! Going to have to pop to Accessorize for fingerless mittens or gloves soon, I love your 'need' ones aha xx

  4. mmm lovely :) i love finger mittens :D xx

  5. I love those fur trim mittens with the thread! And the heart print beige/camel ones... I clearly only need one pair of gloves/mittens but know I'll buy 4!

  6. Love the mittens you love! i so wish for a pair of these but they don't seem extremely practical, as my fingers are always frozen even if i'm wearing full coverage gloves, haha :D

  7. Michelle - Me too! Thanks, I think they're the kinda gloves that we all need. Me especially! :P xx

    Chloe - Me too! :) xx

    Crafty Nell - They're cute huh! Really old school. Oh i'll definitely have more than 1. I have a lot already but feel I need more :P xx

    birminghamlady - they're the sort of gloves i'd wear as arm warmers with some simple ones over the top for cold fingers. I love my existing armwarmers so can't wait to get these! :) x

    Sarah - Hiya, thanks a lot for following my blog! :) Glad I could help on the glove shopping inspiration! xx


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