essential knits: gloves

26 October 2010

Yes i'm doing another series.. one that I feel is essential now that it really is cold outside and windy and raining (booo!) I was fine with the cold, but the rain.. go away! I'll start with an easy one, it's common sense to wear gloves, the warmer your hands, head and feet are then the warmer you will generally be. I've been carrying a pair of gloves around with me since mid september and have pulled them out on numerous occasions. It's time to get some nice ones now.. plain black primarks aren't cutting it so here are some of my favorite picks across  a few online stores this autumn /winter.

I really love the fairisle patterns on gloves, hats, jumpers and most knitwear.. they're everywhere so I can see myself wearing a lot of this in the coming months.

♥ abby xx