hosiery needs for autumn

13 October 2010

Hosiery has become quite the autumn staple. The weather has begun to deteriorate from the 'summer' that was and so we're whipping out our long socks and tights. (Trousers too but more of them later) I never thought that I would like tights as much as I do now, in fact I used to have an aversion to anything that wasn't sheer or natural looking. But now there are so so many different styles on the market that I can't keep myself from them any longer, not even out of principle.. they're just too pretty!

Because there are sooo many types I have chosen some that I deem to be must haves for this season, mainly because they're on trend (mock suspenders /socks, rips & cable knits) or good stables (single colour navy, khaki and black.. preferably about 50 denier)

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Then there are the pretties.. these I see as pretty essential for dressing up those simple outfits. They make quite a statement so I wouldn't say you want too much detail in the rest of your outfit whilst wearing these. I especially want the first pair!

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So what do you think? Have I missed any of your essential hosiery for this autumn? Let me know (Please don't say fishnets)

♥ abby