notd: polka dot rain by eyeko

2 October 2010

Boredom made me want to do something to my nails so please excuse the messy dots and messily painted nails too. If you follow me on twitter you'll know i've been feeling awful the past few days and that lately my nails keep breaking.. rubbish huh. If you were wondering, the dots are barry m white and blue.

Rain is a lovely subtle smokey blue nail polish. I love how eyeko haven't created a typically candy pastel blue as there seems to be many already existing. Unlike the typically pastel blues this shade has a slight shimmer that will only be noticed in certain lights, I think it looks really pretty.

eyeko kindly sent me this polish as well as nude and vintage but i have yet to try these out. No doubt you'll see some more nail posts popping up in the future as i just can't help re-painting my nails every few days at the moment!

If you like this or any other eyeko products use my ambassador code: E10674 at the checkout to receive a free gift with your order.

Any preference between eyeko's vintage and nude?

♥ abby