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I've mentioned on twitter that I have decided what I will be dressing up as this halloween, much less scary and probably not as adventurous as last years costume which you can see here.. but still I like it :) You've probably guessed that it's Hello Kitty by now and I know that a couple of you are big fans, Claire from The Fashionteller especially :P So if you have any inspirational pictures i'd love to see them.

I have lots of ideas on how i'm going to do it and what i'm going to wear etc.. but please, if you have any ideas on how I could make this really work or where to get certain items then let me know :) Just bare in mind i'm on a budget.

 source: google images

and for nails..


Oh and to add a little twist to this.. I'll be a hello kitty vampire. The party i'm going to requires 'scary' costumes or no entry (my friends are strict!) So i'm thinking deep red/black eyes, bloody kitty nails and fangs! It should be interesting....

What are you dressing up for this halloween?

♥ abby xx


  1. I love hello kitty! i must be the biggest fan! lol i have hello kitty everything including bedding and coffee cups :P x

  2. OMG!!! I already told you on Twitter but AMAZING idea!!! I would soooo do that!!! Love the simplicty of the girl's blue dress and accessories. Have you Googled or Ebayed searched any Hello Kitty dress up outfits?? So cute! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see pics sweetie :) xxxx

    P.S-Thanks for the mention ;)

  3. That's such a cute idea! Aw, makes me want to steal it but I won't haha.

  4. So uninspiring but I'm going to be a vampire with the fangs and cool contacts! I tried white zombie contacts last year which were so good but they took me like an hour to put in! These nails are amazing!!
    Hello Kitty is such a good idea - very original! Are you going to do white face paint? Because you could white out your lips and skip the fangs since Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth. That way you don't have to buy fangs and no mouth is sort of scary anyway?! x

  5. Hahah that is so weird, I was hello kitty for halloween the year before last and since I have to work on the 31st I was going to just recycle that costume this year- we will be twins :) Super budget friendly version: I just took a sparkly white foam crown (for little kid's craft projects) and cut off the middle triangles to make it look like a pair of ears, then glued a red bow tie to the side... Sounds really sketch haha but it looks cute! xxxx

  6. I LOVE Hello Kitty! Great idea can't wait to see how your outfit turns out :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  7. Oh I love me some Hello Kitty, being a bit of a typical Chinese gal! You'll look adorable (and scary blahblah) for Halloween! xxx

  8. Carlinn - I reeeeeeeeeally want a coffee cup! Deciding who to hint to for christmas.. xx

    Claire - You should do it, it'd be great and you love the little kitty so much! :) No i'm not buying a full costume, just a little blue dress over a white tee with knee high white socks and all the rest of it :) xx

    Aimee - Steal it, why not. It's not like we live remotely close to one another. Besides the point in my blog is to share ideas, inspirations and finds so do it :D x

    Jade - It's not uninspiring.. it's halloween so you're supposed to go as something scary :) Thanks, i'm not using face paint, but makeup instead. Will be doing a post on my look next week so you shall see :D xx

    Ariel - Ah that's so cool, we'll be matching!! I actually think it's cheaper for me to buy white ears than a crown here. But thanks for the tip :) Would love to see photos of your costume! xx

    Half Dressed - Thanks a lot me either really :P x

    Michelle - Yay :):) yeah i'm not sure on the scary part but we'll see! xx

  9. Ooo woww love it :) U look sooooooooooooooooo sweet :)

    G BLOG :)

  10. Thanks a lot Tugba! :):) x


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