my fancy dress inspiration

21 October 2010

I've mentioned on twitter that I have decided what I will be dressing up as this halloween, much less scary and probably not as adventurous as last years costume which you can see here.. but still I like it :) You've probably guessed that it's Hello Kitty by now and I know that a couple of you are big fans, Claire from The Fashionteller especially :P So if you have any inspirational pictures i'd love to see them.

I have lots of ideas on how i'm going to do it and what i'm going to wear etc.. but please, if you have any ideas on how I could make this really work or where to get certain items then let me know :) Just bare in mind i'm on a budget.

 source: google images

and for nails..


Oh and to add a little twist to this.. I'll be a hello kitty vampire. The party i'm going to requires 'scary' costumes or no entry (my friends are strict!) So i'm thinking deep red/black eyes, bloody kitty nails and fangs! It should be interesting....

What are you dressing up for this halloween?

♥ abby xx