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I wanted to share with you some of my favourite films and those that really touch me, make my cry and laugh so hard tears roll down my cheeks every time I watch them. Just for a change.. :)

first being indiana jones
Who doesn't love a bit of indie?!

top gun
A young Tom Cruise, a bike, leather jacket, and aviators.. What more could you want from a film. It's perfect to me :P

sweet home alabama
A Reese Witherspoon classic and easily one of my most favourite films

coyote ugly
Another one of my absolute favourites and the reason I love Piper Perabo and Andy Garcia so much

All I have to say is, good boy daisy! :) Watch it and you'll totally understand. And you'll see Brad Pitt in a very different role! It's.. interesting :P

sherlock holmes
I love this version of Sherlock Holmes so so much! This film formally introduced me to Robert Downey Jr and his incredible talent I now love him lots :) I actually really liked Jude Law in this too which surprised me.. he plays Dr Watson really well and if you aren't a huge jude fan then this is the film to watch to sway you a little

dead man running
After this film I love a bit oh Danny Dyer in thee arternoon! It's typical cockney thug stuff really and I love Danny Dyer in it

cool runnings
Never ever gets old

the family stone
I cry almost every time I watch this. Sarah Jessica Parker is brilliant in it, very different from her usual role!

eight below
Love dogs? Love Paul Walker? Why yes.. Yes I do. Don't let the fact it's a disney film fool you. This is dedicated to snow explorers and their loyal dogs and is an incredible yet quite sad story.
the time travellers wife
I don't care how much you know you'll cry you have to watch this film! If you like soppy, love stories this is the ultimate. I can't say anything more except watch it! Oh.. and I loveee Rachel Mcadams in this, the family stone and sherlock holmes.. she's just brilliant

I'd love to go and watch this at the cinema again. It was amazing. Great concept, great acting and generally just great! Well worth a watch if you haven't already caught a showing!

There are a lot more but these are some of them that spring to mind :) What films can you watch over and over? Any of these?

♥ abby


  1. I've only seen 4 of them! Coyote Ugly used to be my absolute favourite. Was never keen on Sweet Home Alabama though.

  2. Inception is my favourite film along with Legally Blonde. I watched Shutter Island yesterday and I absolutely loved that too!

  3. i love coyote ugly!<3

  4. I love Inception, as confusuing as it is it really is the best film I've seen in ages :) xx

  5. i love sweet home alabama!! Sherlock Holmes was okay...I didn't really see much of a point of Rachel McAdams character being in the movie, she didn't really do that much for the plot, except in the very end, set up for a sequal. I'm dying to see inception, though!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, and snatch is amazing, of course!

  7. I loved sherlock holmes just because I'm obsessed wtih robert downey jr! Need to see inception still :) x


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