have you heard of silly bandz?

25 August 2010

This appears to be one of the up and coming hottest trends.. these silicone brightly coloured shaped bands / bracelets. They were originally a kids craze but the fashion concious stars like sjp, agyness dene and mary kate olsen have jumped on the bandwagon too! Sarah Jessica Parker just has the one green silly bandz on in this picture.

Apparently the creator of these silly bandz has already made 66million dollars! That's a lot at $4.95 a pack and you get around 24 of them for that! There are a couple of available packs on the site that stood out to me.. but i'll be honest, i'm still quite undecided about this craze.

Would you wear silly bandz? What do you think of the trend and what do you think of the whole childs-to-adult trend transition?

Please comment below.. i'd love to know what you guys think!

♥ abby