birthday presents for myself from myself

14 August 2010

I think that the title explains it all really :P I'm fueling my jewellery habit by trying out different vintage inspired jewellery shops. As i've mentioned before there is a lot about and with some spare money in the bank I figured why not :)

sephine london - owl stud earrings £4.99

love hearts and crosses - tricycle necklace £14

dolly bow bow - polly pocket necklace £5.50

And last but by no means least! The money I managed to get from selling a whole tonne of things allowed me to buy an alexander mcqueen black and white scarf! :D I lovvvvee it! ♥

Hope everyone is well! You may of noticed my pictures go down earlier on in the week and that's actually thanks to you guys! As my followers are increasing so are the blog visits and so my bandwidth has gone insane and way over the limit. But I forked out for the pro package and now we shouldn't have any problems like that again!

It means a lot to me that it has actually got to that point. So thank you so much to all of you that visit, read and comment :) You've made me very happy!

♥ abby