my must haves: witch primer

15 January 2013

The Witch beauty range is something that I use frequently, the tinted moisturiser and powder are great for the summer months and the skin clearing primer every day, even if it's just by itself. That's why this is my must have, my absolute must have, in fact. I've used this primer every day for a really long time and it has helped significantly with the condition of my skin. I no longer get those nasty clusters of under-skin spots and I owe that to Witch.

I use a large pea sized amount each day, maybe a few peas? and it's probably more than is needed but I know that this works well for me. My purchase after repurchase of this primer shows my love for it and at only £6.99 for around 2 months of product I am more than happy to buy it again. Speaking of which, i'm due a top up so i'll be popping off to Superdrug pretty soon :)

♥ abby