my must haves: sleek brow kit

9 January 2013

I used to fill in my brows with the hazel Rimmel brow pencil, it was too light and quite a bit off colour - not the best choice of products out there really but it's not my worst beauty faux pas.. honest. After a few ridiculous photos were tagged on facebook I came to my senses, followed the mass of Sleek blog posts and haven't gone back since.

I have huge love for this sleek brow kit. The wax is a good waterproof texture that suits my brows nicely in the winter and the powder is slightly lighter meaning that it suits my sun lightened brows perfectly through the summer months. I've been using the same palette for a long time, longer than i'd like to admit, but the point is that I use it every single day and it's lasting forever and a day. Not bad for £8.50 :)

♥ abby