incredible boohoo offers

This is a super quick post as I have a jewellery /christmas shopping one scheduled for later on.. Just to let you guys know about the wondrous offers that boohoo have announced. Along with a little shopping inspiration ofcourse! ;)

20% off Party Wear code: PARTY


20% off Knitwear code : COSY


25% off on all Bags


50% off on all Belts


Buy One Get One Free on all jewellery


Have a great night girls!!

♥ abby xx


  1. I am incredibly tempted but I'm gonna be really strict on myself and not even look on the site! I must think of other people or there will be no visit from Santa :(

  2. lol i bought the second handbag that you have in your post! :) x

  3. Oh that secong bag is so mulberry esque I am foaming at the mouth. Thanks for this xx

  4. really love the mulberry esque bag!xxx

  5. Alison, why not shop for gifts? I'm taking advantage of dicounts, offers, sales and all the rest of it for christmas gift shopping! :P xx

    Carlinn, i'm jealous!! x

    Gem & Holly, That's exactly what drew me to it.. I just had to share ;) xx

  6. Yeah it's a good idea, but I've pretty much got ideas for all the ladies in the family! It's just a case of actually getting them. Once I see something for some, I HAVE to get it... no changing my mind or anything. Lol, I'm just a weirdo like that!

  7. Alison, That makes perfect sense :) Sounds like you're well organised! Gimme some tips! ahah I need help.. x

  8. Haha I don't even know how I come up with things half the time... they just sorta pop into my head. Pyjamas are often good things to get? Or magazine subscriptions cos you can still pay for them monthly even though it's a present. Books? Maybe a nice new bag and colour co-ordinating scarf?

  9. Alison, they're some brill ideas!! thank you lovely :) x

  10. Oooh or a good one for little girls is to get a nice little bag/purse and fill it with loads of little hair slides, bobbles, hair bands etc. My mum's doing this for my little cousins and I think it's a great idea, but you could mix it up a bit and put little rings, necklaces, nail varnish etc in. I love buying for kids!

  11. Oh an I just thought of another (sorry). A couple of years ago for my dad I bought a gift box (you know the ones you get in pound shops and card shops) and then went to the pound shop and tesco and bought a gazillion packets of all his favourite sweeties (jelly babies, allsorts, mints, dolly mixtures etc - tried not to do chocolate ones unless they were wrapped). I put some pretty tissue paper and kitchen roll in the bottom of the box and emptied all the packets of sweets into it, making sure I mixed them up as I went along. Then I finished off by tying it with ribbon. He was so surprised when he opened the box cos he wasn't expecting it to be full of sweets and he absolutely LOVED it!!!

    It can work out quite expensive but I made sure that I went to the pound shop and when I bought from the supermarket I would just pick up whatever was on deal, but seriously, my dad is the worst person ever to buy for and I can't belive how much he loved it. I also added in some fun sized sweets to bulk it up a bit.

    Essay over. Sozzzz. x

  12. Ich habe dir einen Blogaward verliehen-
    schau einfach mal unter .
    Liebe Grüße :-)

  13. The hair bits idea is being done but with little makeup bits and all sorts really in a bag for the girls. As for the sweets idea.. I love it!! If I get stuck then I will definitely be doing that!! :) Thanks a lot lovely :) xx

    Thank you for the awards Sally :) x


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