milk chocolate nails from jacava

26 October 2013

This nail polish is lavvvley. It is super smooth and glossy and looks delish. It actually looks like melted dairy milk chocolate, like if I were to melt some I'm a bowl right now and dip my finger in it (once cool of course) you wouldn't be able to tell where the chocolate ended and nail varnish began. Yum yum. 

Aptly named 'Chocolate Melts' this nail polish is by a brand called Jacava London which is a new one for me. For those of you who haven't tried this brand I think that in comparison to my other regularly used nail polishes Jacava is most similar to Essie with it's richness in colour and smooth application. This picture was taken after a few days wear of just one coat of colour and then their top coat.

♥ abby