what to get me for christmas : ugg boots

28 October 2013

Uggs. I'm going to say it now .. this blog post is about Uggs, Uggs, Uggs! So run away if you're scared of these comfy beasts, I won't judge you. In fact I praise you for having the self control, because I don't! But I have a good excuse which is that I walk A LOT and this type of boot is a necessity for the winter months of frost, ice and snow treading because not only are they dammmn comfy, they're warm and they grip, preventing me from falling on my but! To me whilst on route to work that is pretty damn important. Okay so I'm going to take a spare pair of shoes suitable for the office to change into but they're still life savers if you ask me and I need a new pair! :(

Believe it or not, all of the boots up there are by Ugg. Be it heeled shoe boots with shearling trim, a chunky boot with buckles or the classic ugg style boots, they are all in this huge selection of Uggs on Spartoo.co.uk. This is just a handful of pairs that i'd be reeeeally happy if somebody bought me for christmas (especially the tall leather and suede boots in the bottom left) there are a huge range of styles by Ugg that you wouldn't believe - or I didn't believe to be honest. Who knew they didn't just do 'Ugg'ly shoes, eh!

♥ abby