look again and again

7 October 2013

One of the best things about being a blogger is being introduced to so many new brands, shops, products and more - Okay so it's not great for the ol' bank balance at the moment but at least I can share these finds with all of you and create big wishlists for my friends and family to look at as my christmas list/s (hint hint). I actually read and watch all press release related emails, it's how I find so many great stores/products etc, along with some truly terrible things too but those are just fun to find. This was one of those emails where I ended up with a behind the scenes video in my hands and a good one at that.

In this Look Again advert there are so so many outfits and the model, Erin, looks fantastic in every look! It also goes to show how much work goes into these adverts we watch. I've had a good look through the site and find quite a few things that I would love to add to my wardrobe. Especially the knit pattern biker, floral vest dress, orange parka and sock knit boots .. i'm creating outfits in my head already (take note family!) There are also a number of super comfy looking chunky knits that I really like the look of. Who wants to go shopping for me first?

floral vest dressboucle biker coat | orange parka | zip heeled boots
turquoise jeans | sock ankle boots | patterned jersey dress | aztec vest dress
ankle boots | knitted front biker jacket | shirt combo dress | ethnic print skirt & cardigan

I just watched this again and think i'm going to have to get hold of the metallic biker jacket seen 1:50 in.

♥ abby