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I thought I'd share a bit of a Milo update for you all as I still believe he's super cute and is pretty much my first child so why not talk about him on here. :) As usual he's still persisting with being annoyingly camera shy and almost never smiles but my boyfriend and I have taken a few pretty photos of him recently (mainly when his monthly parcel arrived) so I thought I'd share some of those too.

Facts about Milo (and his Malamute ways)
  • He likes to sleep under things - Under the bed, the coffee table, the dining room table.
  • He gets excited about deliveries - And he can sense when something is for him, especially a Wagglepets box! Somehow he knows and is a little disappointed when I bring home an ASOS box.
  • Ham is his favourite - wafer thin honey roast ham. It's a bit strange but he gets more excited about ham than any other food.
  • Malamutes have a double coat which consists of a wool type undercoat with is super thick and fluffy as well as a longer coat with thick individual hairs.
  • He sheds. A lot. All of the time. Okay not all of the time but his hair seems to get everywhere which means we hoover a lot. It's the worst during shedding seasons which are twice a year and this is when we fill bags and bags with his undercoat which comes out in clumps.
  • He's a big cuddly bear who loves visitors! He'll often sit on the sofa with me for a cuddle (taking up most of the sofa) and sometimes lays with my boyfriend in front of our fireplace during colder months.
  • He likes to play hockey, or golf. He holds a large toy in his mouth and hits a ball, pouncing along with it to hit it again. It's brilliant to watch.
  • He's stubborn like my boyfriend and I.. In fact a number of his personality traits are probably quite similar to us.
  • He can often be found laying on his back with a paw or two behind his head.
  • He uses pillows - More specifically the wall, the coffee table, actual pillows and anything else lying around like handbags..

He's full of character and has both adorable as well as irritating traits as with most humans! Hope you liked this little insight into Milo and his life with us.

Also, if you want to try Wagglepets for yourself use code ABBZZW50 to get 50% off your first box. :)

♥ abby & milo


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