Artificial plants for modern landscaping - What you need to know

The finely trimmed lines and lush green colour of plants can brighten up the mood any time of the day. But to keep them looking the same all day, every day is a cumbersome task and prove to be quite expensive while managing large spaces over a long period. To keep big office spaces, malls, and hospitals look as sharp with a contemporary look, artificial plants and trees have proven to be of great help. Starting from ornamental grasses to boxwood topiary, the choices with silk plants are innumerable for modern landscaping designs.

What’s so special!
What makes these babies stand apart is the way they are manufactured. These plants have been designed and developed to be fire-retardant and some of them according to preference are UV protected to avoid any discolouration due to scorching heat or any other natural climatic changes. They do not grow which makes them artificial in the true sense, but the injected chemicals during the manufacturing process keep them from spreading the fire.

Why go for fake?
It’s a thousand times easier to manage a small space with real plants while for bigger corporate spaces it is extremely difficult to do so. Apart from the management and monetary issue, the major problem is faced when you wish to incorporate a certain theme which doesn’t go well with the climate of the region where your office, hospital or resort space resides in. there are quite a few complications with real plants like

  • wilting
  • pest attacks
  • allergies
  • unsuitable climatic conditions
  • ideal light and dark periods for proper growth
  • regular upkeep including pruning and using fertilisers

With artificial plants, as in fake flowers or artificial outdoor plants, these hurdles can be easily avoided, and you can indulge into any kind of trend-setting décor that you desire.

Let’s cut the cost, now!
Cutting costs might seem a little vague when you compare the primary costs of artificial and natural plants. But before you move on to give in to the idea of having to invest less in real plant decoration, wait up. Investing in artificial plants in actually a onetime thing, whereas with the real ones you have to add the cost of getting them pruned, watered and replaced at regular intervals and this adds up over time. With the fake ones this will never be an issue and in case of any emergency shut down for a long time period this will not require any upkeep whatsoever, which means you would have to put in no extra effort to replace them for wilting, withering due to heat or drying up in absence of water. When in business these fake plants can save you tons of money over time, so be wise while calculating costs.

Jazz up space
For a more modern approach to the indoor and outdoor décor for your office space nothing can actually work better than silk plants, as you get to have ornamental topiaries and boxwood hedges lining up the driveway to your resort or custom made large elephant shaped topiaries for your theme park whether the climate in there agrees with it or not. You can have your hotel decorated with artificial tropical plants or the poolside with palm trees having artificial palm fronds looking so great it brings in a fresh beach-like look. You can choose to decorate low light spaces with fake plants the real counterparts of which require more light to reside and live in. This is one of the fascinating reasons why architectural designers and landscapers love to incorporate silk plants in the décor as you get to play with your options which are not quite so in case of the real ones.

Changing the décor now and then
Let’s say you wish to bring in the seasonal vibe for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, New Year and every such festival where you’d like to change the décor. In such cases it is difficult to store away real plants and bring them back out again for a more regular present-day look. While with fake ones you get to have the realistic look and replace them with a more seasonal look whenever necessary.

Do they make the cut?
Whether it’s a fake ivy plant or a bunch of artificial succulents, they look extremely real and imitate their live counterparts very closely. This is achieved with the help of botanists and experts in the field of flora and horticulture which is why they look very much like the real ones.

What about health hazards?
While the pollen allergies are out of the equation, the chemical treatment for being fire-retardant and UV protection can be a little confusing. Every state has a different fire code and these plants are manufactured while keeping up with the requirements asked for in each code. Made with safe chemicals that are not known to cause any harm to humans or pets, is what makes them even more popular among several business houses. They have made their way to the red carpet events and large firms for their ability to serve all purposes of looking great, inability to spread fire and being non-allergic. So there aren’t any health hazards with having these artificial plants installed in your corporate space.

Installation and management
Having architectural designers take care of your corporate landscaping project can be a great relief but it’s not necessary, wholesale silk plant companies do offer great services in terms of installation and providing designing ideas according to your requirements, so all you need to do is order up and customise in accordance with you dream project and see the work getting done in no time. The workforce and time required to keep them looking great is very minimal as they require dusting off once in a while, which is what saves a lot of valuable time and money.


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