my rings obsession

25 July 2010

That's right i've developed a problem.. I can feel myself collecting a lot of these in the near future! Though i'm not complaining. Shaun seems to be quite good at picking out those i'd like too :) He picked most of those we bought in Portimao, Portugal. So he must have pretty good taste huh :P

Before showing you the absolute ton of rings I have on my wishlist at the moment I thought i'd share the ones I bought in Portugal.

from left to right: snakey 4.95 - diamonte sheild 3 - daisy dome 3 - half finger 9.95 - gold leaf 6.95 - silver rose 5.95

from left to right - top: real sterling silver talon claw ring 32euros - disney couture bitten tea cup ring £10.80 
from left to right - bottom: asos angel wing ring £6 - asos statement chunky spikes ring £8

What do you think? Any favourites?? :)

Also, can anybody recommend any jewellery sites with unique rings? I have found a few but it's always great to find more :P

♥ abby