my favourite body moisturisers

As I'm trying to moisturise more often and take better care of my skin I thought that I'd show you my favourite moisturisers from the past couple of years as well as a new love. As you can probably tell I like neutral smells, something that doesn't linger too much or battle with my perfume and these four do the job perfectly.

johnson's baby lotion
The credit for this find goes to a colleague who is also a mum and recommended I use baby lotion as a makeup remover so I did and it works really well in removing stubborn makeup. But I also realised that this product is also great for it's original purpose. The bottle seems to last forever as you don't need to use a whole lot to stay moisturised, it soaks in quickly, leaves you feeling super smooth 'baby soft' if you like and of course it smells loveeeely.

vaseline spray & go
The spray & go moisturiser is the newest moisturiser here and the newest to my collection, it's super convenient and this one smells lovely. The spray nozzle turns to lock so in the morning I just unlock it, spray from my legs upwards and get dressed within a minute or two, it's the only moisturiser I've been able to get dressed so quickly after using.

nivea lotion
This was a emergency buy at an airport, it was the cheapest and most simple looking which is exactly what I needed at the time and I've enjoyed using it since. The lotion sinks in quickly giving dry and irritated skin hydration without aggravating it further so I've found it perfect for sun burn and if a little eczema begins to flair up.

coconut oil
A beautiful product, I do love coconut oil, it's my perfect holiday moisturiser as it sinks in slowly but leaves my body water resistant and smells awesome. Both Shaun and I use this little pot of goodness from superdrug and love it.

So that's them all, if you have any questions about my favourite moisturisers i'd be happy to answer them. :)

♥ abby


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