Tasting the new Yo!Sushi menu

Myself and a friend recently attended a fab VIP evening at our local Yo! Sushi where we got to give some amazing new additions to their menu. I'm a massive fan of Yo! anyway, ever since I took part in a masterclass at the Plymouth restaurant late last year (You can see a zillion photos of the experience here.)

We got to pick out a number of dishes to try each and they were all so delicious that we wanted more every time. And whilst I struggled a little with my chopsticks again it was still a really enjoyable experience, we had a giggle over some glasses of bubbly followed by a beautiful white zinfadel on the drinks menu. Because of where we were seated we got to chat to some of the staff a bit about the new dishes and they helped when I couldn't decide or figure out what was what, I just couldn't find the new Seabass. This is something I've found every time I've gone to Yo! Sushi, the team are really helpful and don't laugh at you for not remembering what 'tomago' is (it's egg omelette, just so you know.)

Now for the food pics, prepare yourself. I wish I could put emojis in my blog posts because this one would be littered with love hearts and a'okay hand gestures! :D

My first dish; Albacore Tuna and Truffle Nigiri was my favourite and I've been dreaming of it ever since. I tried on recommendation from the restaurant manager and found this new seared white tuna dish to be delicious!

The new salad; Surumi, Wakame and Cucumber was my second dish and my next favourite. Whilst I loved them all this was the other dish that I considered having second helpings of because it was so fresh, light and tasty.

Enjoy the amazing pictures below and if you see anything you fancy (which you will) then I encourage you to visit your local Yo! Sushi. :)

Albacore Tuna and Truffle Nigiri

Surumi, Wakame and Cucumber Salad

Japanese Seabass Ceviche

Beef and Garlic Teriyaki

Yasai Roll

Yasai Roll and Miso Dumpling Soup

Miso Dumpling Soup

Dom's Beef Curry Ramen

By the end of our meal we were sushi'd out and pretty full as you can see below.. This didn't stop us from popping over to a nearby american diner for some waffles and ice cream though. :D

♥ abby


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