those products i swear by

Do you have any products you rely on, they never fail you and you know you'll always get the results you want from them? Well I have a few and decided it was only fair to share with you these products that I absolutely swear by!

So here you go, first up.. my holy grail of hair care

avon moisture conditioner
I think most of you will agree with me when I say that finding a good conditioner that really works well with your hair can prove to be very difficult! I was been lucky enough to find my perfect conditioner a couple of years ago, though because of the range of shampoos that I used at the time, I didn't realise how good for my hair it really was.

During the last 6 months I have searched for my perfect conditioner whilst I trialed a few shampoos, not the best way to do it because I didn't know which product my hair was reacting badly to (if any) but after discovering lush's big and their ultimate shine solid shampoo bar I went on a hunt for a good conditioner. Again, using them a fortnight at a time and ended up coming back to avon's moisture conditioner and loved it all over again! surprising for a product only £2.65 a time

This is the only conditioner I have tried that leaves my hair both light and fluffy but smooth and manageable because it isn't too light. Used with big or ultimate shine this for me is my perfect hair washing regime! :)

avon advance techniques dry end serum
This dry ends serum is pretty much my staple product for my hair growing process. I have been trying for a long time to get my hair just at the right length and this has really helped me along the way. Of course our hair needs trims here and there to keep it healthy but by using this serum I have been able to prolong my regular hair cuts from 5-6 weeks to around 8-10 weeks.

I use around 2 pumps a time on towel dry hair avoiding my roots and the majority of the body of my hair and focussing on the ends. When using the serum on blow dried hair I will only use one pump as my hair just doesn't need any more at this stage. Another bonus to this product is the price.. only £4.80 but it is almost always on offer!

lush mud flats soap
Although this is a retro lush product I was pleased that I managed to purchase mud flats in store! The purpose of buying this product was to clear up bumps and blemishes on my chest. Mud flats contains mud, rosemary and sage and is said to detoxify and deep cleanse your skin so I thought this would be the perfect product to do this and it is! 

I love how cleansed my skin feels after using this product. I use it everytime I shower and it really keeps any lumps or blemishes at bay :) One of my staple products, much like the next lush item. 

Mud flats can only be bought online at £2.85 a piece because it is part of the retro range. But why not try in your local store, that way you can avoid the annoying postage charge :)

lush king of skin
This is such a brilliant product! I wouldn't dare use anything on my legs anymore because this works so well. It's the only moisturiser that doesn't react badly with the super sensitive skin on my legs. It also smells pretty damn yummy thanks to the use of cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut butter i think :)

King of skin also contains some lovely naturally soothing and moisturising products like almond oil, jojoba, avocado and oatmeal.. No wonder I love this product so much! :) £4.45 is such a small price to pay for great skin don't you think?

palmers cocoa butter
I have 3 huge bottles of this stuff and yet still didn't get around to taking a picture.. rubbish I know but i'm sure that majority of you know what the packaging looks like :) Palmers Cocoa Butter is quite a popular product and for good reason! It some how manages to not only moisturise my body but make areas like my bum and tummy feel more toned. It is also good for treating sun burn, recently I used almost a full 400ml bottle on my awful sun burn! Amazing stuff :) I'll definitely be taking some away with me.

As mentioned, I have 3 bottles of palmers tucked away in a drawer and that's because I tend to go through it quite quickly, I love it so much :P and it is around £4.99+ for a 400ml bottle. so almost everytime I see that superdrug or boots have an offer on it, I stock up on a significant amount!

 lush honey trap & whipstick
Both of these Lush lip balms are amazing and not only moisturising, but like lip treatments too. Unlike vaseline these balms feel as though they are repairing my lips and moisturising deep into my skin. Buy one and you'll understand completely :)

On top of that they both smell amazing in the tin and on your lips. Honey trap smells of the obvious, honey, and it contains white chocolate, honey, butter and vanilla. Then Whipstick is sort of chocolatey.. a little harder to explain though Lush say it is chocolate-orange scented. It'd be best to pop along to your local Lush and catch a whiff of it for yourself :)

£4.95 for a lip balm does seem like a lot but they really do work so so well and they last forever! I use both balms regularly and wear a small amount under my lipstick and still have tonnes left.

benefit erase paste
This was after a month and a half of using Benefit Erase Paste. It just goes to show how little you actually need to cover up those dark circles, discolouration and blemishes. I use it every days as it is the perfect shade for my skin tone and makes my makeup seem more naturally flawless.

Erase Paste is also great fore those days where I am feeling a little more brave and just want to use some concealer and blusher as it blends very well over my skin whether I have used a primer or not. Although I wasn't sure at the time of purchase, it is so worth the £18 it costs!

As written in my disclaimer, I strive to be as honest as possible in my posts. If I didn't believe that these products worked wonders for me then I simply wouldn't include them :) (I'd also like to add that all of these products were bought by myself or my parents.)

I'd love to know if there are any products in this post that you haven't considered buying before that have caught your eye?

♥ abby


  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    Love this post <3 Mudflats :D


  2. Some of my staples are the same as yours - avon serum, honey trap and whipstick (looooove these) and palmers cocoa butter! All lovely. King of skin sounds yummy! x

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    Palmers cocoa butter is the best, lol :)
    Great post!

  4. Oohh I'll have to give the palmers ago- i have never ever tried it! Where have I been?!
    I might do a similiar post to this if you dont mind? xxx

  5. This is such a great post!
    I am in love with whip it! chocolate lip balm? yes please!

  6. oo i like the sounnd of mud flats. i used lush's glorious mud scrub the other day and loved it!

  7. Love Palmer's Cocoa Butter! I don't like the packaging though, I can never get it all out of the bottle, so I usually buy the more solid cream in the tub. x

  8. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    The palmer's cocoa butter is amazing, and it smells really good! once when i had it on my guy friend was like why do you smell like chocolate. silly boys xxx

  9. Love Palmers Cocoa Butter! Need to try Benefit Erase Paste!

  10. Thank you for bringing avons dry ends serum in my life!
    also I do love the avon condictnor :)

    I need erase paste so bad, but im skint!! :(
    and honey whip is amazing!


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