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I enjoy writing my long in depth reviews but find when it comes to reading others a lot of text can sometimes put me off.. So I am going to try something different and i'd like you to tell me whether you prefer this way of reviewing a product or a little more in depth.

Of course the type of product will reflect the type of review. For instance I have chosen to focus on nail polishes for this post but with other products like moisturisers and hair treatments there will be more aspects to address.

opi dulce de leche

rating: 4
price: £9.95
packaging: 5
value for money: 4
would i buy it again? yes, i adore this colour
would i recommend it? same as above :)

Dulce de Leche is a dusty vintage pink colour with no shimmer, that from what I have experienced can be worn with any outfit. Although an amazing product I find majority of the time it does still need 2 coats for the best coverage other than that I find this polish to be perfect. I just wish the price wasn't so much, then it really would be value for money. For a cheaper alternative try Barry M mulberry pink.

opi coney island cotton candy

rating: 4
price: £9.95
packaging: 5
value for money: 4
would i buy it again? yes
would i recommend it? as the perfect nude, yes

This is a perfect nude shade, not too cream nor too pink. I find because of the tone of this polish it needs around 3 or 4 coats to get full coverage but in saying that it dries quicker than any other polish brand I have used to date, making it effectively hassle free to create these extra layers. In this image I have used 3 relatively thin coats of the polish and as you can see my tips are still showing slightly, 1 more and the coverage would be exactly as it should be.

barry m mulberry pink

rating: 4
price: £2.95
packaging: 5
value for money: 5
would i buy it again? yes, but i'm pretty sure it has been discontinued
would i recommend it? as a dupe for opi's duche de leche it is perfect

A beautiful dusty vintage pink colour like opi's Dulce de Leche. I find that this Barry M polish often offers enough coverage with just one coat and can be quite indestructible especially when topped with the Barry M top coat/ base coat/ nail hardener. The one flaw i find with these polishes is that they can sometimes take a fair amount of time to dry

♥ abby


  1. Have an amazing holiday! Love the new look reviews too.


  2. Have a fab holiday! Look forward to seeing your holiday snaps xxx

  3. Have a great time on holiday! x

  4. Love these types of reviews, I agree that too much writing can be off putting sometimes.
    Have fun in Portugal :)

  5. Have a lovely holiday hun! Love this type of review, especially for nail varnishes, which usually don't require in-depth explanations :) x

  6. I've given you an award on my blog :)



  7. I'm the same - I love writting long reviews but i find myself a bit daunted when it comes to reading long reviews on other peoples blogs :P
    I really like this style, but still do some long reviews :)

  8. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    The Dulce de Leche is on my wishlist! I'm currently wearing Armani, though (see my blog!). I agree that too much text is off-putting. Photos are important!!!

  9. Aloha!

    How was your jolly 'oliday? Which bikini did you pick in the end?
    I did recieve a lovely little package of goodies- THANK YOU!!! I love love love the mug!! You are very kind :)



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