delivery from the boyfriend.. ♥

That's right i've got them! :D I've been talking about these gorgeous Carvela Krista sandals for weeks! :) yum

My boyfriend knew how badly I wanted them and we noticed that house of fraser had upto 20% off this bank holiday weekend so Shaun ordered the shoes for me as a present :):) Aren't I lucky!

I loveeeeee them. And cannot wait to wear them on holiday :)

Thank you for all of your help trying to find a similar pair, there's some pretty yummy shoes out there at the moment!

♥ abby


  1. Eeeeee! You got the beauties! Lucky girlie. They are tres presh! I am uber jealous. They will make you smile with every clippity clop step you take!

  2. Very nice, what a generous bf you have :) x

  3. they're gooorgeous :) xx

  4. They're gorgeous! Have fun wearing them! :) x

  5. i LOVE carvela shoes, thet're the prettiest and these are gorgeous!

  6. Lucky girly! Hope you enjoy them!

  7. thankyou girls!! i can't wait to wear them on holiday :D

    though saving them until then is proving to be quite difficult! xx


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