i'm craving.. boobtubes

Although i've always had a trouble with boobtubes due to my bust size I am currently going through a phase where I pretty much want every simple design there is in every colour and pattern, both tops, dresses and all the rest. I don't think that's too much to ask for. Though it's a lot to ask that they all suit my body shape at the moment.. Must remember to lay off the cakes. Skin tight tops and a doughnut shaped belly do not work well together.

I have some quite awful tan lines at the moment, on my upper back and shoulders especially so I think it is completely necessary to live in these tops at least until the lines have disappeared.. :)

Yesterday I went to a car boot but (to assist Shauns parents, not to purchase anything..) It was quite good fun and so Shaun and I are thinking of doing one in the next fortnight to get rid of a portion of the crap we have accumulated between us. Have any of you ever held a carboot sale or something similar? I'd love to hear some haggling tips and things like that if so! There are a few things that I will be adding to my shop page though, my denim lee cooper shirt for one. That's way too good for a smelly car boot!

Also, I have been sketching and painting lots recently so i'm hoping, if the scanner starts working properly, that i'll be able to get some of those on here to share with you all :)

I hope you have had a great weekend! Much love.

♥ abby


  1. I'm always worried about wearing boob tubes as I have broad shoulders and little boobs so they never seem to suit me, some of these look lovely though.

    I've held a few car boot sales before, I'm not really sure of any tips but don't ever underestimate what you can sell. A majority of the time, people have bought the most random things off me and the things that didn't sell are things I thought would. Good luck with it!


  2. I don't wear boob tubes though because i have armpit fat and it creates horrible looking rolls lol, lusting after some of these though! xx

  3. I love boobtubes - anything top that doesn't give you obscene strap lines is a winner in my book. I have the new look tan fringe one from up there ^^^ I saw it in store and thought it was just so cute :) I used to help my dad with carboots when I was a kid, when we started selling all my toys etc was pretty fun - good luck with yours :)

    L x

  4. Looove the third one down on the left. I'd worry about my broad shoulders too, and they always seem to slide down so being paranoid I always pin them to a strapless bra hah.

  5. I love boob tubes but i need to define my shoulders and arms before i can start wearing them without jackets or cardi's :P

  6. AnonymousMay 09, 2011

    Totally love strapless stuff, just hate having to repeatedly pull it up! x

  7. I love those boob tube dresses on the top row of pictures but they just don't work with my pear-shaped self. That asos model always looks amazing though haha. I think I'll embrace strapless things more wholeheartedly when I find the perfect strapless bra, which I'm yet to do!
    Would love to see some of your sketches if you do manage to get them up.
    A boot sale is always a good way to shift a load of stuff you have lying around. Like you said though, I wouldn't sell any nice clothes that are worth more than a few quid as you'd be better off putting them on your blog shop or ebay.

  8. the first three and the last three are my favourites! i have a stupid amount of bandeau bralet thingys, my tops always always fall down at the front so i usually chuck them underneath to avoid any unwanted flashing incidents, haha.

    i'm doing a carboot on this coming sunday hopefully!! the problem is i never free up any space, i get rid of loads but end up buying loads as well! x

  9. I don't normally wear boobtubes, but I've been thinking about them a lot lately, too! I think they'd look great under adorable sheer tops. You've picked some lovelies!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  10. It's great to hear that i'm not the only person that these don't really suit to be honest. Thank you for all of your comments girls! xx


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