and she sang; sudo-sudocremm

Some time ago now I remember reading somewhere online about how sudocrem is one of the most effective moisturising and cleansing masks. I have always had the belief that anything made for babies has to be good for adults too because more often than not they are designed to include less harmful crap (for want of a better word). When I was offered  a sample of their new sudocrem tube I was more than happy to accept because it reminded me that I still hadn't tried the wonders of Sudocrem out. Yes I more often that not use babywipes to remove most of my makeup and johnsons shampoo for my brushes but hadn't stretched from that. Don't worry I'm not going to start trying to convince you of the 'wonders' of a baby food diet! I'm not crazy :)

I was sent a 30g tube of sudocrem which is great because you're not constantly dipping fingers into a pot which can spread germs and generally shorten the life of your moisturiser.

Unlike most thick moisturisers I have tried I never ever wake up with an oily face after using Sudocrem overnight and because of the antibacterial properties it's great for calming and reducing swelling of spots. So this is what I do, and honestly if you get the chance I would recommend trying this even just the once can make such a lovely difference.

remove makeup. I use with baby wipes or boots own cucumber wipes
 cleanse / tone with usual products. I use Liz Earle cleanse & polish or clean and clear cleanser & body shop tea tree toner
 take a pea sized amount of sudocrem for each area of your face (cheek, cheek, nose and chin, forehead and 2 for your neck if you like)
 rub the sudocrem thoroughly into your face making motions that move out towards your ears
 remember sudocrem has a thicker consistency than normal moisturisers so it will take a little longer to sink in. do not worry about looking like a ghost! this is supposed to happen
 now go to bed

It's not often that I do a post like this with my skincare tips etc so i'd love to know what you thought and if you'd be interested in seeing more posts like this :)

♥ abby


  1. I haven't used sudocrem for years, I always used to use it to zap spots. I love that they are now doing a squeezy tube x

  2. I always put it on spots when i go to bed, always gone in the morning :-) x

  3. I use sudocrem every night now after seeing it on numerous blogs! It's fantastic! xxx

    (please check out my blog :))

  4. i adore sudocrem, i've always used it and very happy its finally getting the recognition it deserves :) i even have a tub in my room that went 'out of date' in 1995! i don't use it obviously haha, i just don't want to throw it away because it must be from when i was newborn, so i'm wierdly attached to it! xxx

  5. I love sudocrem, I use it every night and love it! It's a miracle product! x

  6. I used to use my boyfriend's Sudocrem (he uses it for his eczema) every now and then because I love how my skin feels the morning after. It really does work wonders, doesn't it? Unfortunately my skin is naturally quite oily so I couldn't use it that often because I could really feel the weight of it on my skin.
    Love these types of posts!

    x Michelle |

  7. i always swear by sudocream, it def leaves your skin feeling soft and clean instead of all clogged up and oily like most other moisturiers, really enjoyed this post, i vote for more!! xx

  8. I love sudocream!

    Excellent fix for breakouts :)

    Didn't know it came in a tube now though! Great post...thanks for this!


  9. Ahh both you and Michelle recommending Sudocrem! I'm definitely going to have to give it a go! I am also insanely jealous of all the benefit products I'm spying in your photographs!

    L x

  10. Stundon you know what that means.. off to buy a squeezy tube you go ;) hehe xx

    Jen that's amazing :) I'm definitely using it on spots. haven't had a big one to attack for a few weeks though haha. Probably just cursed myself now :/ x

    That's great Hannah. Can discover some wonderful things on blogs :) x

    It definitely is Sian :) a lot more people are recognising the wonders of it which is fab :) wow 1995?! that's awesomely gross ;) hehe xx

    Too right it is Corrie :D xx

    It does Michelle :) And it's also awesome for eczema! Forgot to mention that.. Though I have a huge tub of dream cream to use up for mine.. Glad you liked the post. Thank you :) x

    Great to hear Ash! Agreed my skin doesn't feel clogged at all after using it which is fab! :) More? okey doke :) xx

    Exactly Sarah! Great to see so many girls think so too :) Yeah it's so much better in a tube than a tub i think :) x

    Haha Lauren, i'm pretty much a benefit junkie recently. love it and can't get enough :P x

  11. AnonymousMay 28, 2011

    Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  12. This is amazing! I've never thought to buy it before because I thought it 'extra' uses were for sunburn etc, but never thought to use it like this!
    I will definitely be buying some asap. Thank you for a great post!


  13. I love Sudocrem, been using the stuff for ages. I also didn't know it came in a tube :) xx


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