bedroom envy

Because i'm currently looking to move out with a couple of friends i've decided to think about how I want my room to look when we finally get the place.
I love all of these rooms and hope to pick out different things from them to put my dream room together!

:D Exciting stuff!!

What do you think? What would your dream room comprise of?

♥ abby xx


  1. those rooms are all gorgeous! I really want to redecorate my room but since I'm moving out for uni in september there doesn't really seem any point. I just have to imagine :) I love interior design and I already have my future house picked out in my mind!

  2. i'm moving soon too, i've saved a heap of pictures of how i want mine to look, i'll do a post on it soon, check it out >_<
    i'm thinking lots of vintage/shabby chic but really girly!

    i loveee the vanity table and the mirrors in those pics! x

  3. @Katy Wilko I know how you mean, living at home I havn't been allowed to touch my room and make it as I like. Can't wait to get my own place finally :) Good luck with Uni :D x

    @tenxx Exactly what i was thinking! hence the pictures :) My next post lined up is my dream room, the things I have and the things on my list to buy :D i'm determined to make my dream room a reality :D Looking forward to your post too :):) x

  4. I love these kind of bedrooms! so chic! xx

  5. All the photos look so stylish and pretty x

  6. OMG! the second picture is my dream bedroom! Follow me too? xx


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