my shampoo experiment

6 January 2010

Image Sources: Lush & Superdrug
I have begun to shop on a budget ready for when I move out and so instead of working out which shampoo is best for my hair (these are all great!) i've decided to conduct a sort of experiment using Lush's Big Shampoo, Aussie's Luscious Long Shampoo and Lush's Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Bar.

The aim is to find out which shampoo I can get the most washes from.

I have been counting since the beginning of last week (Monday 28th Decemeber) and intend to carry on using each shampoo alternately, counting the number of washes untill they have each been used up completely. My hair likes change recently so hopefully this will give it a little more life as well!

This will probably take a little while to do.. so I hope that you stayed tuned for the results :)

♥ abby xx