review: veganese conditioner from lush

7 January 2010

Okay so when in the Lush store I was told that Veganese is sort of a lighter version of American Cream and so if my hair finds American Cream to be too heavy then I should try Veganese. Now if you managed to read my review of American Cream you would know that I didn't quite get along with it. Not because it was too heavy but because of the horrendous smell!

While using the conditioner the first thing I noticed was that it seemed to be of a thinner consistency than American Cream, more of a lotion as apposed to a cream and so it clicked that this was not going to have the same sort of result. I was very happy however, to find that it did not smell of parma violets! :D More like the small coloured sherbet sweets like parma violets (forgotten the name)

Then for the real test.. I blow tried my hair and ta da...... nothing. No light & fluffy feeling, no added moisture, no controlling frizz, just nothing. I can honestly say that each time I tried it Veganese did nothing what so ever for my hair and so I will not be purchasing it.

Sorry Lush! I'll just have to keep trying.. :)

♥ abby xx