Personalised Chocolate Slab from YUCOCO

You may have seen my recent post on how I love to give a personalised gift and well.. this is another one of those things but whilst it's not a gift that your loved one will keep and treasure I can assure you that they will love it just as much and appreciate how much you know them by covering their favourite type of chocolate in all of their favourite goodies!

These bars from Yucoco would make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day - However, Shaun saw me browsing the site and I explained that I was making him a personalised bar so the real gift to him was being able to choose from all of the amazing things what he wanted to go on his very own chocolate bar. He named it 'The Slabz Bar' - which is of course a combination of the chocolate slab and my name. I think that the cool thing about this is that he got to be creative so yes you could show your partner how much you know them and make them a personal chocolate bar OR you can do what I did and watch as they get giddy from the sheer amount of choice of toppings that Yucoco have on their site. :)

As you can see, my Mr is a bit of a chocolate fiend.. He went for the triple chocolate slab which includes white, milk and dark chocolate sections then topped it with Mini Eggs, Flakes, Jazzies, choco balls and a big white chocolate button! I'm just surprised that he didn't drizzle it with chocolate sauce.

The delicious little package was delivered within two days of ordering, popped straight through the letterbox (so know trips to the post office which is always good!) and was then eaten almost striaght away (after I took some photos of course) and I can confirm that it was delicious! :D

I'll definitely be doing this again, especially when I inevitably get stuck for a gift! It's such a good idea. :)

♥ abby


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