barkbeats monthly subscription box review

Milo has tried a fair few subscription boxes now but after the disappointment of the last delivery (our second Pawsomebox) I was honestly a little reluctant to try again but I'm so pleased I did. This box from BarkBeats was full of great things that Milo can't get enough of. I wrapped the contents of this box up for Christmas Day and it was a lovely treat for him to have whilst everyone else enjoyed their gifts, it kept him happy and occupied!

farm foods trainers 100% beef heart
We still have some of this left because I've just been putting a handful of the beef heart flakes with his dinner from time to time almost as a different flavour topping to his biscuits. He goes mad for his food when I've added this ingredient so once all gone I'll definitely look to buying more of this particular product.

barks & sparks gingerbread man
This adorable little gingerbread man was quite like a christmas cookie, it was looked pretty tasty packed with natural ingredients and lasted much longer than I expected, I think this is because of the dense oat-like recipe.

kong squeeze beaver toy
Milo's favourite toy! This kong beaver is made of a thick rubber that Milo has squeezed over and over, chewed and is still in one piece almost as good as the day he got it. we love Kong toys anyway but this jelly rubber is even better than the traditional kongs stiff rubber material.

invincibles christmas reindeer toy
The toy that doesn't lose it's squeek even when popped. Give it it's due, this little reindeer kept squeeking for a good day or two until Milo ripped him apart. He was a lovely little CHristmas toy to have in the box and Milo loved him - until he got bored one day. :P

pet munchines liver & chicken training treats
These training treats are the only thing that I thought weren't great but I was pretty wrong Milo loved them. The treats were super tiny but again I sprinkled some over his dinner and he ate the lot then always came looking for more.

All in all, Milo and I were pretty pleased with this box and from £13.50 a month including delivery for a large dogs box we're looking forward to receiving more of them. :)

For £5 off of your first box you can use the voucher code ABBZZW5. Let me know how you get on and how much your pup loves the box.

♥ abby


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