craving: asos again

A quick and short one from me today so the collage isn't exactly how I'd like it but I'm craving ASOS again so here goes. There seem to be a few websites that I cannot get away from recently, I'm forever filling my basket or saving items then bookmarking the things I remove from the basket and a few days later going back to do the same thing again then finally making an order. ASOS is one of those sites that I can and do spend hours browsing. I love it, it's no wonder most Christmas gifts I bought last year were from this store, they sell all of the clothes and things I need. And yes I do need them ;)

asos black floral shell top
love floral shell top
asos breaking bad tshirt
asos check print culottes
vero moda sleeveless dress

asos tunic vest top
asos cliche boyfriend tshirt
new look blue floral peplum vest
asos duster kimono
asos 3 pack of boyfriend tees

weekday 2 pack necklace
asos mixed silver ring multipack
asos multirow rosary necklace
asos heeled black sandals
asos anklet 2 pack

♥ abby


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