my health kick: peppermint tea

I've been drinking peppermint tea for months now and cannot stop raving about how good it is. This tea has had such a wonderfully positive effect on me, my body and my attitude. - Plus it's pretty tasty. So as I'm sat here with my after dinner cup I thought I'd talk about why I love it so.

The main benefit for me and my most important reason for drinking peppermint tea is that it reduces my bloating and cramps significantly, even during that 'special time' and I can see why it works so well for people with IBS and other stomach issues. Since drinking this magic tea I have hardly had any of the crippling abdominal cramps I used to have which were diagnosed as an 'acidity issue' (sure). I always have a peppermint tea either before or after a meal as it allows me to really enjoy my food without the bloating complications.

The only caffeine in each teabag is natural and minimal. So by replacing normal tea and coffee with peppermint tea I've not only cut down on the caffeine I'm consuming but also the amount of sugar and milk in my diet which has definitely had a positive effect on me. I no longer crave sweets, cake, chocolate very often at all and the amount of headaches I have has reduced right down.

Other benefits include fresher breath thanks to the lack of milk as well as the minty fresh tea, tension release whereby your muscles are more relaxed making it easier to chill out and to sleep and nausea relief thanks to certain qualities in the leaves. It's also known to boost your immune system slightly and fight off early stages of a fever or cold - There are also so so many illnesses that peppermint tea is claimed to help and alleviate the symptoms of so it's definitely worth looking into if you suffer with something in-particular, especially if it's to do with the digestive system.

Reading this back and really thinking about the effect this one change in my diet has made to me is crazy. I highly recommend it to anyone. Except pregnant ladies.. apparently they shouldn't really drink it.

♥ abby


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