gift ideas for men this christmas

If like me you've still got some Christmas shopping to do in this next week then you may find this little gift list somewhat helpful when shopping for the guys in your life.

Socks and pants are an easy gift for guys (ideal for girls too) and the boys in my family always seem to need new ones! It makes sense to pad them around some other gifts, be it novelty, fun things or useful pieces like tshirts or tech. All of the things in this list are from Jacamo and are easy to find and order online which is my favourite type of Christmas shopping!

I've found Men's joggers to be a good and easy gift because they're something that can be relaxed in and you can choose the size more easily. Last year I bought Shaun a pair of dark grey Ripcurl jogging bottoms that fit perfectly are great for lounging about the house in, or going jogging in which sometimes happens too.

If you're thinking something a bit more stylish and a more significant gift then Men's jeans is always a good option and something from the likes of Jack & Jones, French Connection and Firetrap are great without being super expensive.

Hope this helps anyone who's struggling to buy for a guy! Happy shopping. :)

♥ abby


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