review: big from lush

2 December 2009

Love love love love loving big! & how big it's making my hair at the moment.

Normally i'm just a straighten it and leave it kinda girl but before using big I had started to want more volume and began to blow dry my hair mostly upside down, teasing the roots of my hair in places and using hairspray! (which I never ever resort to) But after using big a few times I feel I wont have to resort to this very often anymore.. Yes i'm still hanging upside down when I  blow dry my hair but thats half because of the fun of doing it
and because I look kinda crazy when I stand up properly :p

I found the consistency of this shampoo extremely bizarre! To me it just feels like a tonne of rock salt in a tub with a bit of liquid in there to kinda hold it together.. and that is exactly what it is! Because of the amount of salt in this product I was extremely unsure on how much I was going to need to work with my hair and get enough of a lather going.. it turns out not a lot. Though it does feel extremely odd and takes a lot of effort to get a lather going. I've learnt that if you make sure your hair it drenched through completely and then add a dollop of the shampoo it lathers at its best (but don't expect a lot from it!)

As for washing 'big' out.. it isnt the easiest task in the world, atleast not for me. I find that the salt is washed away easily enough but it almost doesnt feel as though the residue from lathering has gone. This isnt you conditioner-like soft and smooth feeling oh no.. it's starchy and almost feels like you havnt brushed you hair for a few winter windy days. It doesnt feel great! I was a little scared when I first used it, thought i may of damaged my hair from the amount of salt! But don't fret.. it's fine! :)

What's in it? Lush say that Big contains 50% salt (though it feels like a lot more!) But what else is it this shampoo? well the things that i recognise the names of are.. Fresh Organic Lemon Infusuion, Fresh Sea Water, Toothed Wrack Seaweed Infusion, Fresh Organice Lime Juice, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Mandarin Oil & Vanilla Absolute :)

I think thats about all i have to say about this product. Just don't be afraid of the amount of salt and the lack of frothy bubbly-ness.. it really does work at adding volume and ofcourse cleaning your hair.

♥ abby xx