my christmas wish list

16 November 2011

It's becoming more apparent that I am difficult to buy for.. but I don't really understand that! I'm always talking about things I want :P So to make it easier for friends and family and to give you guys some ideas, here is my massive wishlist! It ranges from cheap as chips to a less sensible £225/£219 (yes you guessed it, that'll be the lulu guinness lips clutch and amazing michael kors watch) But to help along the way it is complete with links, pictures, sizes and all ;) Easy!

Of course there is lots lots more I would like, as with most girls my list is never ending but this will do for now ;)

On a similar note.. holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming.. have you seen the coca cola advert yet? Apparently it's lingering about!

♥ abby