i'm craving: rose gold watches

24 November 2011

Let's face it, the only rose gold watches worth having are michael kors so this may as well be titled i'm craving michael kors, give me them now but hey ho ;) These are all on my christmas list, though i'd only like one and it would make me a very very happy lady! We don't all get what we wish for but if we didn't wish then life would be pretty boring.

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Okay so you mayyy of noticed my festive new header and the snowflakes dotted around my sidebar. Earlier on today I launched a special offer on my design blog for some 'Blog Christmas Decorations' There are only a limited number of spaces for this offer due to limited time and resources. The first 10 people to email me at abbzzwdesign@hotmail.co.uk with the words 'Please christmas decorate my blog' will get christmas header decorations for just £2, sidebar decorations for £1 and/or a new christmas header for only £3!

There are only a small number of places for this special offer so get your email in fast!!

♥ abby
*payment to be made by bank transfer or paypal. any fees to be paid by buyer
**offer likely to extend depending on level of interest